Thursday, September 3, 2009

Israel: The Canary in the Coal Mine

A very prescient article. Cliff May quotes liberally from the eminent scholar, George Gilder. Gilder is not a theologican, not an evangelical, not even a zionist, but he is someone who "gets it" with Israel in a different way than many have posited before. As I have said on many occasions on this blog, America and Israel are joined at the hip. As one goes - so goes the other.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Religion Under Attack II: Homeschooler ordered to Government school

Since I teach American History, Western Civilization, and Christian Apologetics to homeschoolers, I am keenly interested in this story. Divorced parents who cannot communicate usually wind up with a government solution that satisfies no one.

In this case it is being held - incredibly - that the daughter, under her mother's influence, holds her beliefs too "sincerely" and that this is a threat to her "socialization". I don't know if the ex-husband is a Christian or not. Perhaps he is or was. But the courts are to blame here. What exactly is the compelling government interest in this above-average student's socialization? Since when did the government get into the business of deprogramming beliefs?

From where I sit, this appears to be nothing short of a transparent government intervention against the deeply religious beliefs of a parent being transmitted to a child. What a shame the suit was brought in the first place, but the court's behavior in this situation is certifiably shameless.

What these government secularists don't realize is that once Judeo-Christianity is gone, America will fall.