Thursday, February 18, 2010

Black Babies: Endangered Species

Billboards are up in our town highlighting the systematic extermination of Black talent, potential, and future: the Black infant. As we have highlighted before on these pages, ABORTION is the #1 killer of Black youth in America.

Fox News has the article and has shined a spotlight on one group's attempt to call attention to this contemporary Black holocaust.

Margaret Sanger LIVES. What so disappointing about this article is the response of an academic Quisling named at the end of it: Beverly Guy-Sheftall. (Funny, I think I went to high school with this academic dunce.) For Guy-Sheftall and others like her, the point is to get Black women to not notice - to look away - from the horrifying evidence and to ignore the macabre history of eugenicists and their present-day heirs at Planned Parenthood in their plan to DESTROY African-Americans through the abortion mill.

Ignorance, Ms. Guy-Sheftall, is NO EXCUSE. As an academic with responsibility to inform the community, you are FAILING your people! How this differs from the Jewish Holocaust and the Final Solution is miniscule.

God will not hold us blameless for the murder of the unborn. In fact, stopping ABORTION could very well be the key to stopping the demonic stronghold of violent murder in the Black community.

Rubbish, you say? Think again. Does the Law of sewing and reaping work? Indeed, it does not fail!

I commend to you Abraham Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address regarding the Civil War and the "scourge" he so longingly wished the Lord would've ended sooner. In Lincoln's view it was not beyond the pale of a holy and just God to take life by scourge in return for life taken by hatred.

I'm just saying....


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And the 2010 Judge Roger B. Taney Award goes to....

Amazing. An article from the San Francisco Gate online exposes the District Court judge now hearing the California Proposition 8 case - the judge is himself gay! And the crazy thing is that the SF Gate seems to think that this is not an issue! OMG.

Perhaps you recall Roger B. Taney as the Dred Scott vs. Sanford (1857) judge who ruled that slaves were fundamentally property and had no laws the White man was bound to respect - thereby eliminating Dred Scott's right to even bring a case to Court - since slaves are "property" and "property" can have no legal standing as a "person or persons" who can sue anyone.

Well, of course, Judge Taney was a slaveholder and a Southerner deeply sympathetic to the cause of slavery. Who in their RIGHT MIND would think that Roger B. Taney's slaveholding sentiment and background would be a NON-ISSUE??

Yet somehow a District Judge - a GAY District Judge - overseeing a case in the most populous state in our land having to do with the hottest cultural issue of our day, SAME SEX MARRIAGE, would NOT be biased in favor of the Prop 8 plaintiffs sseking to overturn the will of the California majority?

If you truly believe justice will be blindly served in this case, I've got a bridge to Oceania to sell you....LOL...So let us forthwith present AHEAD of the mortifying HOUR the Judge Roger B. Taney Award for Abominable and Prejudiced Decision Making to Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Virtue of Sports in America

I enjoyed reading this article from David Brooks of the New York Times. Brooks goes deep into the cultural inheritance of sports in America - at least on the collegiate level. It further illumines the unique quality of America as a country and nation shaped largely from the influences of the Greeks, Romans, and English.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Pastors File Suit Against Hate Crimes Law

This should be a warning to all Christians as to the inevitable clash of homosexual rights, masquerading as "human dignity" and "hate crimes", versus religious freedom in the United States of America. All of us who are ministers of the Gospel should cease and desist from the notion that persecution cannot happen nere.

This case is one in which gospel radio broadcasting in Michigan has infiltrated Canada and, of course, biblical admonitions againt homosexuality and the so-called "gay lifestyle" is in direct confrontation to Canadian law which restricts what pastors can say regarding homosexuality. So we have this lawsuit filed by US pastors in Michigan against any expanded interpretation of US law by the courts which might place them - and by extension ALL ministers of the Gospel - in contravention of existing "hate crimes" laws.

Make no mistake: the Gay agenda is bent on silencing the Gospel regarding homosexual sins and this agenda wants the protection of their "lifestyle" federalized. Of course, our consciences dictate we must obey God rather than Caesar - so it really doesn't matter, we will preach the Gospel and "then shall the end come" - but we must pursue legal means while we can to "seek peace with all men" and to be obedient to Caesar's law as much as we are able.

This is heady, exciting, and a bit sad. The time is definitely short. It now becomes clearer that even in the US, there will be a time in which we will be "hated by all men for My [Jesus'] namesake."

Who knew?