Thursday, November 6, 2014

They did it!!

Great job, Elephants! You DID it! You didn't blow it. Now, you've got a chance to save America. But it's a slim chance because as someone said before: "You can work effectively against Obama and his agenda, but it's hard to work against the mindsets of the general electorate who put him there." That said, HOW you work, Republicans, will be the key to doing the things that need to get done. It's like getting things done with a nagging wife. You win her over with flowers, and mow the lawn, for starters. But you do the things you think are right while keeping the rhetoric down, giving her the "Yes, Dear" all while staying firm, but sure; pleasant but determined to keep your eyes on the ball.

So lets do five things:
1. Defund ACA. Please don't call it Obamacare or you'll  fall for the "Republicans are bent on destroying President Obama's legacy" emotive meme. You don't need the emotional back and forth. It is already unpopular enough. Set it aside by exempting all 50 states from it - how 'bout that?.

2. Build the DARN FENCE. Return the children back to Central America safely and humanely. Wait for Obama to misstep on Immigration. Some can stay, but some will have to return. This one's a toughie, admittedly, but it's why you were elected.

3. Fix the VA. This one's an easy win-win. We owe it to the Vets.

4. Get the Keystone Pipeline construction going. People need to be working, and nothing is more American than "shovel-ready" jobs that bring wealth into the heartland at the top of your Republican agenda.

5. No hearings are needed, but the IRS must be gutted and reformed. We can't see it, but there is or was something sinister going on between it and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

One extra: 
6. Cut taxes. It's gotten ridiculous again.