Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dear President Trump...

Dear President Trump,

 In your quest to make America great again and to save this country from itself, it may be necessary, indeed IT IS necessary, that you take stock of your adversaries. The recent resignation of General Flynn should be a wake up call to you, we (your voters and supporters), and the true Repulican Party - that we are now in the big leagues. The people who oppose you are not loyal Americans, but rather they are architects of national implosion and crisis. They are haters, globalists, communists, Marxists, anarchists, Islamists, and atheists. Many of them have powerful jobs and positions in this country. They are judges, lawyers, think tank wonks, academics and academia, Hollywood, Big Media, Left Wing Media, Leftist State governors, earth-worshipping greenies, Establishment Washington (Democrat & Republican) and editors of various and sundry publications. To them, America of the past 250 years is a wrong headed idea. It now must be utterly destroyed and be remade to fit this globalist, Marxist worldview and corrupt agenda they now embrace. You, President Trump, represent our old way of life and our successful light of hope. I hate to be dramatic, but this is the way I see it.: If you and your Administration fail - America as we have known it will collapse and cease to exist - as we have known it. Out of the ashes will rise a globalist Babylon of immense danger to the people of the world - though they will not know it. In fact, many will clamor for this Bablyon and seek to indulge themselves on its false promises of liberty and freedom.

 We cannot allow this to happen. You, President Trump, must not let this happen.

Having taken stock, therefore I ask you, in the name of all that is holy and righteous President Trump, to rise up and play hardball with your adversaries. Show them no more grace. No appeasement. Fight fire with scalding water. Lead and direct. Order and lock up. A flurry of power and speed are what's needed as these adversaries sense weakness with the taking of the political scalp of General Flynn. Take no prisoners. Pull no punches. Play this game the way you know how to play it: in the street and dirty.  Arrest people - yes, beginning with the rioters, the illegals, and now these leakers - arrest them because they are breaking the law! Obama let them get away with it. You must not. A key arrest will send shock waves down Pennsylvania Avenue.

If you, the President of the United States, will speak out boldly, take decisive action, and do what must be done for the good of the country and the safety of the people of this Republic - the always hysterical Left will scream of course, but your people will see what you are doing and rally to you. 

Give us a reason to do so.

We believe in you and what you stand for. It is the America we grew up in and the America we know. It is the America we would like to bequeath to our children, Lord willing. America as an idea is being challenged openly by those who do not want America to be great again, ever.

I pray to God for you daily and for your protection, and wish you the very best success as President, husband, father, and grandfather. Because you obviously honor Genesis 12:3, God will show favor to you even in the face of your adversaries. He will prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies. May the Lord cause your cup to run over with blessings!


Dr. Fred W. Ball, Jr.