Friday, July 31, 2015

The Iran "Deal"

My summation of the Iran deal is what my gut is telling me. And although no one seems to know why President Obama wants this deal or why America is giving away so much to Iran, I think I know why. Of course, the givens are these: Obama dislikes America and its power over the rest of the world. As Dinesh D'Souza's movies about Obama have strongly suggested, he is all about taking America down a few notches - if not outright destroying the fabric that made her who she is today - the kind of country he and his friends (Communists & Socialists) think is responsible for everything wrong in the world. He wants to Europeanize America and transform the country by reverse engineering its fundamental values and structures of governing trust. He is doing a fine job in this arena.

But in the Middle East sits a curious foe of Obama. This foe of Obama is the very country to whom Americans have traditionally viewed as unabashedly pro-American in its style, its tastes, and  its love of democracy. In exchange for this adulation and special relationship this country has garnered American support, strategic interest, and protection. Moreover, the ties that bind America to the Middle East are its deep spiritual kinship and religious traditions with this country. Of course, I'm speaking of Israel.

However, Israel, in the eyes of Obama, and many others on the Left (and Right) think and believe Israel wields far too much power and influence over American institutions, over its banking systems, over its financial institutions, over its commerce, its entertainment industry, and over America's most powerful constitutional body: the US Congress. And Obama sees that America protects Israel and its interests far too much. So, as the most powerful man in the world, what does he do about it?   

If nothing else is known about Obama - it is this: he is cool, cunning, swift, isolating, and Hitlerian all at once. Even today - six years into his presidency - he is still an unknown! Nothing about him truly is as it appears to be - his faith, his marriage, his family, his dreams, loyalties. Nothing. One thing is known: he has spent much of his presidency dismantling America cohesion and its fabric of interlocking power. And he has successfully used its foundational institutions to give him even more power. But that isn't enough for him. His time as president is short, and he wants a legacy.

Obama knows there is one and only one country in the Middle East, who, armed with the technology, weapons, and money who can do the double duty for him. In continuing and furthering  the decline of American power, he needs this Middle Eastern country to need what he has to give. (That's why powerful Russia with an equally narcissistic leader isn't the country). This country has to hate America just like he does, but it also must hate Israel with an even more fervent passion because Israel influence stands in the way of the LAST rung of Obama's compete takeover of the halls of Congress.

Obama needs a strategic partner in taking out Israel AND his own country, AMERICA. And it is to that country he is giving the weapons of nuclear power and a blank check for arms trading.

That country is Iran.

But Iran has come about by fits and starts. Obama has sized up the Middle East.  Having desperately sought out a strategic partner to take out Israel, Obama created the Arab Spring. But it didn't turn out so good. Withdraw from Iraq. Check. Ungovernable chaos ensued, leading to sectarian warfare and the creation the most notorious "JV team" - ISIS. Next, depose Assad in Syria. Not quite a check. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, but Russia stood in the way to support Assad and his minority tribal rule. Arm the rebels against Assad. Check. Create a "red line" for Syria to cross. Check. (They cross it anyway thus exposing the weak willed Obama as a pansy to traditional American allies) Depose Qaddaffi. Check. Depose Mubarak in Egypt. Check.

Actually, Obama thought at first Egypt would be his dancing partner in opposing Israel. But as he discovered, the Egyptians both fear the Jews and secretly cooperate with them. Mubarak and Bibi were old friends. In truth, the Egyptians have a deep rooted undefinable fear of the Jews that goes back to Exodus, I think, but it was certainly reinforced in the '67 and '73 Wars. But in this Arab Spring, Obama discovered one thing: Hezbollah and Hamas could always be counted on to take the fight to Israel, no matter how suicidal it may be. Trouble was, they didn't have enough money to make their incursions sustainable. All the while, ISIS was racking up embarrassing headlines as the little terrorist organization that could. ISIS was the Middle East's tale of the tape. The Middle East's oil producing nations were on alert. Israel was on alert. Europe was on alert. Obama's refusal to engage them directly puzzled many. But I think I know why Obama refused to engage against them. A direct military engagement against ISIS would mean indirectly aiding with his enemy, Israel. It would bring an American presence back into the Middle East that would restore American honor at home and abroad and bring about a pride of place as a powerful nation that can do such things when it wants to. 

It was then that I believe Obama turned to Iran. But the sanctions against Iran limited its role as a major player. As a major check writer and supplier of arms and funds to Hezbollah and Hamas, it could not carry out the war for all time (the Mahdi War) that Ahmedinejhad wanted.

I think Bibi Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress represented a triumph of Israel over Obama that sent him into a Hitlerian rage. His dislike and even perhaps hatred for Bibi Netanyahu was fired into white heat at the repeated standing ovations Bibi's Purim Address to Congress generated. That, I believe, pushed Obama over the edge and maybe the next morning he made the phone call to the Iranian emissaries. You want your international sanctions lifted? I'll lift them. You want billions in  monetary aid? I'll give you millions, even billions. You want nukes? I'll give you nukes. You don't want us to inspect your enrichment sites? We won't.

You want to keep cursing America and Israel? You may continue. Now we have a deal. Iran, you are now steps away from being a world power. I will now "deal" with the Congress.

But this "deal" with Iran is no deal. That's why it's so one-sided in favor of Iran. that's why American got no PERSONAL concessions out of it. That's why the four American hostages weren't even discussed. This DEAL is the DAGGER of a vindictive president. He plans to use American power, technology, and money - funneled through a vicious, unrepentant enemy - to destroy Israel. In effect, America would destroy her ally. How brilliant! How nefarious! Using the exceptional nation to destroy the holy nation. To also repay the Jews, to repay Netanyahu, for his insolence and disrespect of a sitting Black President!. (I'll show those Jews!)

But, alas, like Haman in the Book of Esther, it is a plot that is seen by those whom God loves and will probably be thwarted by those whom God loves - or by God Himself - unless Obama reveals himself truly as a man of deep anti-semitism, as this article suggests.

Or, as I have come to suspect - and am increasingly convinced he is - The MAN OF SIN. And if he is...then all one has to do is go to the Bible to 2 Thessalonians 2:3-10 to find out what the Man of SIN must be up to.

In Him I live, I move, and have my being! See ya LATER!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Obama: the Iranian Mullah's Prophetic Quisling

This article appeared in Forbes magazine in October 2008 just before Obama's election in November 2008. Somehow, a 17th century Shiite mullah writer and cleric apparently predicted Obama's rise and power and his favorable dealings with Iran.

I'm not sure if the prophecy is true or not, but the article points out things that have come to pass even since 2008.

So either the 17th century cleric was right and this Iranian-arming deal by Barack Hussein Obama is truly a remarkable piece of prophecy coming to pass, or if he was wrong, then the article's writer is the real  prophet - only from 2008, mind you - but still it is amazingly prescient in seeing how things have come about with this president and our country and the nation of Iran.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dinesh D'Souza to see yet another court-ordered shrink

Good grief. Have we come to this level of Soviet-style punishment?  Dinesh is an outspoken critic of Obama and the Left. So what? Lots of people are disgusted with where the Left and Obama has taken this country. I have personally loved D'Souza's work, his books, and his movies.

And yes, he committed a felony in trying to bundle donors to help a friend's failed senate campaign.

He did his time.

Now He's being tortured by a left-wing judge's ruling that he do MORE counseling than the amount he has already undergone -  from TWO psychiatrists.

This is a new low in punitive style justice in Obama's leftist America. There is more doom and gloom to come.

Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, the VA disaster, it goes on...

Operation Destroy America via mass Mexican and Central American immigration has infested the Southwestern US with criminals and drug lords. 

A foolhardy foreign policy that will soon hand Iran a nuclear bomb. No, I said IRAN.

Homosexuals and the Media now direct the power of justice and law.

 America really is doomed. It really is...