Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charlie Hebdo

All I can say is.... my hatred of Islam and all that it stands for increases. I despise the religion. I despise the faith. I hate Islam because it hates freedom. It hates liberty. It is utterly incompatible with free societies everywhere. I am revulsed by the blood-thirstiness of the Koran. I am shocked and put off by the death romance of its most rabid followers. These are my personal feelings. I am emotional right now. As a Christian, I know I shouldn't hate, but it is a moral struggle for me that I am right now losing. Only the Cross can save me, I know.

The deniers of the seriousness of radical Islam and the serious problems in Islamic thinking have only enabled the continuing Muslim surge into the West. A quiet invasion that has preyed upon grace has metastasized. The Muslim incursion has become violent. It seeks to suppress free expression. An invasion into the HQ of a satirical journal has crossed the line of the welcome mat. What next? The newsroom? And after that, what? The boardroom?

To accept this is nonsense and madness. The only hope for France is good sense. The Front National - who speaks the truth about the problem is a start. Round 'em up. Deport them. Deny them a welcome. Denial now is enabling. Je suis Charlie!!