Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump: the Radiation & Chemotherapy for a sick and dying America

Let's face it, the media and the Left are the perpetrators of so many lies and distortions it's difficult to sift out truth from falsehood in their coverage of anything President Trump says or signs into law. So I can't say too much about the Immigration executive order. Most of the countries listed on the ban are already well-known by the State Department to be countries that sponsor or harbor terrorists. So what's the big deal? I will put it this way: if the media is FOR a thing - I'm probably AGAINST it. And because the media has been duplicitous and unashamed of its adherence to Leftist memes and opinions, it no longer can play honest referee in the marketplace of news and ideas.

But what is killing America is the Left. It's continuous and unabated policies have been cancerous and dangerous to this nation's survival. The Left's plan to reshape and remold America into a polyglot "world-first, America last" internationalist refugee center is a killer organism. Their worldview in which there are no borders, everyone is welcome, and nobody has to work, is a destructive bacteria to the national health. The primary carriers of this diseased view have been President Obama and the Democratic party the past eight years. We on the Right know this. Republicans, in the main, have opposed and spoken out against it - but were simply too soft and too friendly with the disease to really try and treat it. But somehow the people of this country, in full Stage 4, sensed they were at death's door and sought an outside doctor who could do the dirty work and treat the disease. With no guarantees, the people were willing to try to see if the body of America could be saved.  

Enter Donald J. Trump.

President Trump was elected as a last hope radiation and chemotherapy treatment to reverse this downward, full throttled course of sickness accelerated by Obama and his executive actions. He said as much in his Inaugural address. Unfortunately, the reversal of the effects of the Left's eight year poison pill is a large dose of Trump wielding his executive action pen - and man, this has the disease carriers foaming at the mouth! But you know, the temporary social unrest caused by media and Leftist generated hysteria prompts us yet again to state clearly why Trump was needfully elected: He is a doctor who said he could cure a diseased country - and it sure looks like he's doing it.

But for sure, just as a hit dog will holler, those on the Left will cry.

I say let 'em cry, then sit back down.

When Pres. Trump keeps his campaign promises and is vilified for it in the media and the Left - then I know the treatment is working. And I know it's good for America.

Up next, the Supreme Court.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Congressman John Lewis - illegitimate congressman?

Again, the Left defends its own - even if he's indefensible. First he calls President-elect Trump "not legitimate" then lies and says he's not attending Trump's Inauguration even though he's attended every inauguration before this one. But that's not true -  he didn't attend George Bush's first inauguration either. So what we have here is an obviously partisan politician, lying and slandering in a single interview the president-elect.

Ok, guess what - Donald J. Trump bites back. I would fully expect Trump to defend himself and the honor of the office he rightfully and legitimately won.

I'm Black and from Atlanta, but it's long past time to call John Lewis out: Congressman John Lewis - never great or effective at representing his constituency in metro Atlanta - is a civil rights figurehead. A man who spends more time in Washington or elsewhere giving speeches or attending dinners reliving the Emund Pettus Bridge scene or a SNCC sit-in complete with the emotional gravitas of a griot. Congressman Lewis is a throwback to the 60s, a time and era he never quite leaves in any conversation he engages in. Imagine talking with someone who never tires of the Voting Rights Act of 1964.

Yes, I am a conservative. Yes, I am a Republican. And yes, I voted for Trump. And it's high time somebody embarassed Congressman Lewis publicly about what's really going on in his district and in Black America.

And to be flat out honest, Black Lives in his district are endangered. Check the crime statistics for his region. His congressional district covers several Black neighborhoods that are, shall we say - straight up HOOD. You don't want to be stopping by a store or pumping gas at night in many of those places if you care anything about your life or wallet or car. But I'm not supposed to be telling y'all this. After all, it is thought that we colored folks are supposed to like living in the 'hood. Right? Who are we to call our Black congressmen out for running a scam: a perpetual plantation of gang terror, litter, broken windows, broken families, and drugs in exchange for your Democratic Party vote. The crime problem is Black America's post civil rights dirty little secret - its great hypocrisy, directly traceable in a cause-effect relationship to other Black people. It's the "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" of Black America. Donald Trump just made the politically incorrect mistake of tweeting it out loud.

But what do we call a congressman who doesn't really do anything about the problems of the constituency he or she is supposed to lawfully  and faithfully represent? Perhaps, "illegitimate"?

Soli Deo Gloria & Baruch Hashem!

Friday, January 13, 2017

An Unholy Blessing of Murder: Planned Parenthood in DC

Are they desparate? As if the videotaping of Planned Parenthood execs casually discussing the sale and merchandising of aborted baby body parts wasn't enough outrage to our moral senses, now comes this new and greater anathema - a multi-priest blessing of an abortion clinic in DC.

This ecumenical hodge-podge of leftists in sacred tunics would be absolutely laughable if what they were asked to do not so sad and gut-wrenchingly serious. The fact is, abortion clinics are designed to produce nothing but death, pure and simple. Think about it: if abortion clinics provided all the caregiver services they claim to provide and ultimately didn't kill infants in the womb, they would cease to exist - and everybody knows this.  We'll leave for another day the sheer profitability of the abortion industry.

So what Planned Parenthood has done here is not just an admission of their death and murder schemes disguised as medical procedures or services, it's an admission of the effectivity of the public and personal moral argument of people of faith - the Roman Catholic Church and evangelicals mainly - against abortion. But rather than accept this, their defiled consciences need to be salved.

What this ecumenical "blessing" is seeking to do is invert the morality of killing and death by calling it a societal "good" and seeking to have it publicly anointed as such. By rounding up these men and women of the fringe faith variety (Wow, they managed to find a gay imam!) they are simply seeking to "bless" and deem "holy" the murder of innocents in this clinic. 

The best you can say of them is they are at least consistent with the mission and worldview of their founder, Margaret Sanger. Remember, it was Sanger who stated in her infamous Negro Project letter of the need to persuade or hire Black pastors to pull off her eugenical trick in the Black community.

As it was in the days of Noah...

Soli Deo Gloria & Baruch Hashem!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump 1st Presser: From Hail Mary to Pick Six!

I LOVED this press conference. This is how it's done, son. Not only was the Left's Hail Mary pass just before the Inauguration a failure - the pass was INTERCEPTED and returned for a pick six by the President-Elect! That was a tour de force of candor, swag, honesty, common sense and a much needed swat down of a noisy, rude, CNN hack. Wow!

It was like "not only am I going to ignore your question, I'm going to tell you I'm ignoring you, then name you and shame you - in front of all of these people. Watch this folks."

Thank God for Donald Trump. Any other Republican politician would have melted into butter in full retreat and damage control over this BS! But not Donald Trump. No, not him.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cory the Clown Booker Takes a Stand

Seriously, Cory Booker? Seriously? Are we now into making stuff up against a sitting senator? I just thought you were better than this. A made for TV drama starring Cory Booker as the dishonorable senator from New Jersey. 

 "Concretely, I'm breaking a pretty long Senate tradition by actually being a sitting senator testifying against another sitting senator," Booker told MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Monday. "Please, understand. I think these are extraordinary times and they call for extraordinary measures."

 Booker, who may have his eye on a 2020 presidential bid, emphasized the unprecedented nature of this move.

This is such a stunt. Needing face time and hoping that America might someday consider you for president, you're willing to go on record as a man willing to trash a good man and his name. Good luck holding on to that seat, Cory

With colleagues who have served with Jeff Sessions for more years than you've been in politics, none of them are testifying against him but have nothing but praise for this good man. You've got African-American pastors from his home state testifying on his behalf.  You've got long term African American women in support of him. So why are you doing this?

It's embarassing, brother. And please stop quoting MLK when you're not using moral suasion and logic.Sheesh...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chicago, Illinois, USA - Where Black Lives Don't Seem to Matter

I read this sad and troubling article in the Chicago Sun-Times. It seemed to me to illustrate the pathology of the lawless community, mainly African-American in hue and culture, when even the police are in retreat and on the defensive. When murder is the theme of the each and every day. And it is this murderous culture the Black Lives Matter crowd can't seem to figure out. 780 lives. 780 murders. It's unreal, except it is real. If ever there was a testimony to the abject failure of Democratic rule in the inner city, or of the futility of the Black Lives Matter marches and its anti-cop militancy and revolutionary rhetoric, this is it.

The conclusion of the article seemed to suggest that jobs and education are the answers, and perhaps they are, but only in part. But it is obvious that in a city like Chicago - where prosperity can be found just five miles away from the 'hood - security, safety, law, and order MUST precede economic progress. Some neighborhoods get that, unfortunately many Black neighborhoods don't seem to get it, and the slaughter continues. I'm sick of leftist ivory tower professors' pontifications on "structural racism", Black celebrities' cliched rants at Oscar and Emmy ceremonies, or yet another municipal rally for the umpteenth time calling for yet another summit on race relations. I hope it shames some of these very rich Black athletes who got out but won't give back.

And to think, this occured on the watch of a community organizer from Chicago in the White House. The commander in chief of the armed forces of the USA, the greatest country on Earth, could do nothing. He and the useless, conniving, mayor of Chi-town were simply powerless to stop the murders. 

But in truth, I think we people of faith deep down know how to stop the massacre. And while this problem is internal to the community, it has a root cause in family disruption and dysfunction. It is also deeply spiritual. It lies within the soul and will of people to correct and fix.  But people of faith and goodwill must rally to the city and not rest until the stronghold is broken. 

So when is enough bloodshed enough? 780? Can we agree that 800 is over the top, perhaps? Just as Hernan Cortes and his soldiers were horrified at the sight of rows and walls of human skulls in the sacred temple of the Aztecs, so I am appalled at the photographic imagery of the murdered. How many more blood sacrifices are to be offered to the gods of nihilism and hopelessness in Black America? At what point will we cast down their altars and say "ENOUGH!"?