Friday, January 13, 2017

An Unholy Blessing of Murder: Planned Parenthood in DC

Are they desparate? As if the videotaping of Planned Parenthood execs casually discussing the sale and merchandising of aborted baby body parts wasn't enough outrage to our moral senses, now comes this new and greater anathema - a multi-priest blessing of an abortion clinic in DC.

This ecumenical hodge-podge of leftists in sacred tunics would be absolutely laughable if what they were asked to do not so sad and gut-wrenchingly serious. The fact is, abortion clinics are designed to produce nothing but death, pure and simple. Think about it: if abortion clinics provided all the caregiver services they claim to provide and ultimately didn't kill infants in the womb, they would cease to exist - and everybody knows this.  We'll leave for another day the sheer profitability of the abortion industry.

So what Planned Parenthood has done here is not just an admission of their death and murder schemes disguised as medical procedures or services, it's an admission of the effectivity of the public and personal moral argument of people of faith - the Roman Catholic Church and evangelicals mainly - against abortion. But rather than accept this, their defiled consciences need to be salved.

What this ecumenical "blessing" is seeking to do is invert the morality of killing and death by calling it a societal "good" and seeking to have it publicly anointed as such. By rounding up these men and women of the fringe faith variety (Wow, they managed to find a gay imam!) they are simply seeking to "bless" and deem "holy" the murder of innocents in this clinic. 

The best you can say of them is they are at least consistent with the mission and worldview of their founder, Margaret Sanger. Remember, it was Sanger who stated in her infamous Negro Project letter of the need to persuade or hire Black pastors to pull off her eugenical trick in the Black community.

As it was in the days of Noah...

Soli Deo Gloria & Baruch Hashem!

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