Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump: the Radiation & Chemotherapy for a sick and dying America

Let's face it, the media and the Left are the perpetrators of so many lies and distortions it's difficult to sift out truth from falsehood in their coverage of anything President Trump says or signs into law. So I can't say too much about the Immigration executive order. Most of the countries listed on the ban are already well-known by the State Department to be countries that sponsor or harbor terrorists. So what's the big deal? I will put it this way: if the media is FOR a thing - I'm probably AGAINST it. And because the media has been duplicitous and unashamed of its adherence to Leftist memes and opinions, it no longer can play honest referee in the marketplace of news and ideas.

But what is killing America is the Left. It's continuous and unabated policies have been cancerous and dangerous to this nation's survival. The Left's plan to reshape and remold America into a polyglot "world-first, America last" internationalist refugee center is a killer organism. Their worldview in which there are no borders, everyone is welcome, and nobody has to work, is a destructive bacteria to the national health. The primary carriers of this diseased view have been President Obama and the Democratic party the past eight years. We on the Right know this. Republicans, in the main, have opposed and spoken out against it - but were simply too soft and too friendly with the disease to really try and treat it. But somehow the people of this country, in full Stage 4, sensed they were at death's door and sought an outside doctor who could do the dirty work and treat the disease. With no guarantees, the people were willing to try to see if the body of America could be saved.  

Enter Donald J. Trump.

President Trump was elected as a last hope radiation and chemotherapy treatment to reverse this downward, full throttled course of sickness accelerated by Obama and his executive actions. He said as much in his Inaugural address. Unfortunately, the reversal of the effects of the Left's eight year poison pill is a large dose of Trump wielding his executive action pen - and man, this has the disease carriers foaming at the mouth! But you know, the temporary social unrest caused by media and Leftist generated hysteria prompts us yet again to state clearly why Trump was needfully elected: He is a doctor who said he could cure a diseased country - and it sure looks like he's doing it.

But for sure, just as a hit dog will holler, those on the Left will cry.

I say let 'em cry, then sit back down.

When Pres. Trump keeps his campaign promises and is vilified for it in the media and the Left - then I know the treatment is working. And I know it's good for America.

Up next, the Supreme Court.

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