Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chicago, Illinois, USA - Where Black Lives Don't Seem to Matter

I read this sad and troubling article in the Chicago Sun-Times. It seemed to me to illustrate the pathology of the lawless community, mainly African-American in hue and culture, when even the police are in retreat and on the defensive. When murder is the theme of the each and every day. And it is this murderous culture the Black Lives Matter crowd can't seem to figure out. 780 lives. 780 murders. It's unreal, except it is real. If ever there was a testimony to the abject failure of Democratic rule in the inner city, or of the futility of the Black Lives Matter marches and its anti-cop militancy and revolutionary rhetoric, this is it.

The conclusion of the article seemed to suggest that jobs and education are the answers, and perhaps they are, but only in part. But it is obvious that in a city like Chicago - where prosperity can be found just five miles away from the 'hood - security, safety, law, and order MUST precede economic progress. Some neighborhoods get that, unfortunately many Black neighborhoods don't seem to get it, and the slaughter continues. I'm sick of leftist ivory tower professors' pontifications on "structural racism", Black celebrities' cliched rants at Oscar and Emmy ceremonies, or yet another municipal rally for the umpteenth time calling for yet another summit on race relations. I hope it shames some of these very rich Black athletes who got out but won't give back.

And to think, this occured on the watch of a community organizer from Chicago in the White House. The commander in chief of the armed forces of the USA, the greatest country on Earth, could do nothing. He and the useless, conniving, mayor of Chi-town were simply powerless to stop the murders. 

But in truth, I think we people of faith deep down know how to stop the massacre. And while this problem is internal to the community, it has a root cause in family disruption and dysfunction. It is also deeply spiritual. It lies within the soul and will of people to correct and fix.  But people of faith and goodwill must rally to the city and not rest until the stronghold is broken. 

So when is enough bloodshed enough? 780? Can we agree that 800 is over the top, perhaps? Just as Hernan Cortes and his soldiers were horrified at the sight of rows and walls of human skulls in the sacred temple of the Aztecs, so I am appalled at the photographic imagery of the murdered. How many more blood sacrifices are to be offered to the gods of nihilism and hopelessness in Black America? At what point will we cast down their altars and say "ENOUGH!"?

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