Monday, January 16, 2017

Congressman John Lewis - illegitimate congressman?

Again, the Left defends its own - even if he's indefensible. First he calls President-elect Trump "not legitimate" then lies and says he's not attending Trump's Inauguration even though he's attended every inauguration before this one. But that's not true -  he didn't attend George Bush's first inauguration either. So what we have here is an obviously partisan politician, lying and slandering in a single interview the president-elect.

Ok, guess what - Donald J. Trump bites back. I would fully expect Trump to defend himself and the honor of the office he rightfully and legitimately won.

I'm Black and from Atlanta, but it's long past time to call John Lewis out: Congressman John Lewis - never great or effective at representing his constituency in metro Atlanta - is a civil rights figurehead. A man who spends more time in Washington or elsewhere giving speeches or attending dinners reliving the Emund Pettus Bridge scene or a SNCC sit-in complete with the emotional gravitas of a griot. Congressman Lewis is a throwback to the 60s, a time and era he never quite leaves in any conversation he engages in. Imagine talking with someone who never tires of the Voting Rights Act of 1964.

Yes, I am a conservative. Yes, I am a Republican. And yes, I voted for Trump. And it's high time somebody embarassed Congressman Lewis publicly about what's really going on in his district and in Black America.

And to be flat out honest, Black Lives in his district are endangered. Check the crime statistics for his region. His congressional district covers several Black neighborhoods that are, shall we say - straight up HOOD. You don't want to be stopping by a store or pumping gas at night in many of those places if you care anything about your life or wallet or car. But I'm not supposed to be telling y'all this. After all, it is thought that we colored folks are supposed to like living in the 'hood. Right? Who are we to call our Black congressmen out for running a scam: a perpetual plantation of gang terror, litter, broken windows, broken families, and drugs in exchange for your Democratic Party vote. The crime problem is Black America's post civil rights dirty little secret - its great hypocrisy, directly traceable in a cause-effect relationship to other Black people. It's the "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" of Black America. Donald Trump just made the politically incorrect mistake of tweeting it out loud.

But what do we call a congressman who doesn't really do anything about the problems of the constituency he or she is supposed to lawfully  and faithfully represent? Perhaps, "illegitimate"?

Soli Deo Gloria & Baruch Hashem!

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