Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump 1st Presser: From Hail Mary to Pick Six!

I LOVED this press conference. This is how it's done, son. Not only was the Left's Hail Mary pass just before the Inauguration a failure - the pass was INTERCEPTED and returned for a pick six by the President-Elect! That was a tour de force of candor, swag, honesty, common sense and a much needed swat down of a noisy, rude, CNN hack. Wow!

It was like "not only am I going to ignore your question, I'm going to tell you I'm ignoring you, then name you and shame you - in front of all of these people. Watch this folks."

Thank God for Donald Trump. Any other Republican politician would have melted into butter in full retreat and damage control over this BS! But not Donald Trump. No, not him.

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