Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert: The Future of Rock n Roll?

Spouting "Long Live Rock n Roll!" as his anthem, Adam Lambert may be the new Elvis, or he may just personify what is so frightening about openly gay celebrities: the soulless abyss of the sexual deviant. Coupled with this fear is a tension, an unease. Most people don't want to offend gays, but homoerotica - even simulated - is certifiably pornographic. People sense this.

On the American Music Awards last evening, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert gave America a taste of what's on his mind when he thinks "Rock n Roll!". It wasn't enough for him to sing, prance, and dance. There was simulated oral sex with a male dancer, him kissing a man, and the groping of a female dancer as part of his routine - but the network that carried the Awards show, ABC, says it was all unrehearsed!


That shaking feeling is the cultural tremor of yet another broken public taboo. Sodom and Gomorrah are almost nearly prime-time on network television. Rock n' Roll is again the conduit. Make no mistake, gay celebrities like Lambert have a vested interest in the mainstreaming of homosexuality to the American public as just another in a series of off-beat alternative lifestyles, but, but, but...their trip wire is - and has always been - homosexual sex. The vast majority of the American public want none of that part of the gay lifestyle. Outraged viewers flooded the network with calls complaining about the Lambert performance only to receive sheepish apologies and mea culpas from the network bosses.

But nothing will happen. This is just a hiccup. Atlas continues to shrug. Passivity in the face of cultural assault has become the norm for TV in America. It has just about become the norm for American households. Drag queens and transvestites are next in line, closely followed by the pederasts of NAMBLA on your local stations. Small wonder there are any standards of decency at all given the whirlwind of change we have all been subjected to in less than ten years of cultural suicide, disguised as relativism. Lambert, for his part, sees only hypocrisy - as do all relativists - in his interview on the CBS Morning show with Maggie Rodriguez yesterday:

RODRIGUEZ: Now that you have had time to think about the children, your child fans, do you – do you feel that you need to apologize to them?

LAMBERT: I think it’s up to the parents to – to discern what their child’s watching on television.

RODRIGUEZ: Well, but they had no idea they were about to see something like that on network TV.

LAMBERT: Well, you know – and you know, just to play Devil’s advocate with you, Lady Gaga smashing whiskey bottles. Janet Jackson grabbing a male dancer’s crotch. Eminem talked about how Slim Shady has ‘17 rapes under his belt.’ There’s a lot of very adult material on the AMA’s this year and I know I wasn’t the only one. I’m not using that as an excuse and I don’t have any – I didn’t take any offense with those performers’ choices, I’m just saying I think it’s up to a parent to watch the television. It was almost 11:00 at night. If they’re concerned with certain material maybe Tivo it and preview it before you’re small child is watching it.

RODRIGUEZ: So you don’t feel that it’s your responsibility to – to issue an apology?

LAMBERT: I’m not a babysitter. I’m a performer.


God has long ago given America over to its lusts. We are now only feeling the tremors of the earthquake and shuddering breeze of the whirlwind to come.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Unmasked

What need have we of any further witnesses? You have heard it from his own lips... Jeremiah Wright is a Communist and Socialist with a capital "C" and "S". Here's his latest intellectual pretensions as posted on Youtube.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

We thought he might be a Marxist, but we weren't 100% sure. Now we are. Indeed, the climate's right for many more such Marxist-Leninists and Communists to "out" themselves, feeling so emboldened by a Leftist president and a gullible, greedy, largely unprincipled Democratic party. But the Republicans aren't much better, I might add: hypocritical, deceiving, and spineless. Teddy Roosevelt would spew them out of his mouth.

Twenty years as member of Rev. Wright's "church". Hasn't found a church home to raise his family spiritually. Dear Lord, save us from comrade Obama and from all such evangelists of the tyranny of the soul called Communism.