Thursday, August 27, 2009

The cure for disease, etc., etc.

Seems there is no frontier science won't cross without rushing past an ethical boundary. From embryonic stem cell harvesting to human/animal "chimeras" to human cloning and now on to three-parent embryos. Ethics is virtually non-existent among scientists.

"The market" seems to determine the research. Whether privately funded or publicly funded - the issues are ethically very thorny. That is to say if governments who are answerable to its voters get involved with these types of bioscience endeavors it (or at least voices of conscience) can place limits in the name of bioethics upon certain types of forays into the bizarre. On the other hand if governments do not get involved, it becomes an "anything goes" laboratory. But when governments do get involved who have no qualms about killing the unborn - as is the case with our own government in power - the power to fund the bizarre and race past the ethical boundaries of life is made manifest.

Consider this latest breakthrough.

Another thing: was there ever any frontier science crossed that was not done using the "curing disease" catchphrase? People may argue that all research is worth a try to see if it can cure disease, but isn't it equally possible for the chemotherapy to be worse than the cancer?

Just thinking...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Race V...or III

John Stossel's ABC blog article points out what I've already said would happen. What I did not predict is this president's thin-skinned reaction to criticism. In defense, his supporters have chosen to bring out the "big guns" early by branding his critics "racists".

Granted, there are racists in America who are critics of the president. But there are also - and I would be willing to say the vast majority of - critics that are not racist. But the presidents supporters haven't made this clear distinction in his defense. I am African-American. I am a critic of a biracial president's policies. Am I also a racist? Are my motives for criticism racist? Am I racist against his white half or his black half? Not sure.

This nation is being divided and sifted in so many unhealthy ways. We are very near to reaching the point of no return, of permanent division between Left and Right, between Red State and Blue State, between belief in God and unbelief, and between possessors and professors.

God grant us the discernment in these days of trial!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Physician, Heal Thyself!

You knew this was coming. Another attempt at capturing the moral highground on the health care debate. As a Black minister, I am not persuaded by a suddenly evangelical President's emotional plea for "righteousness" in the health care debate. Unfortunately there are too many liberal left preachers for whom the gospel is only a social gospel and far too many fellow conservative Black preachers who've traded their moral birthright for a mess of leftist porridge. Obama only preaches verses the Left likes.

In invoking a type of Good Samaritan or Cain & Abel principle of "I am my brother's keeper and I am my sister's keeper", he's attempting to biblicize the debate, when in fact the debate is solidly political. No one anywhere is against health care reform, Mr. President but a solid majority of folks are against his version of it.

Moreover, since President Obama has framed a political issue in moral terms and brought it to the table of the moral leaders of the nation, he must assume that the pastors agree with him on the role of government tout court. These few pastors may, but the congregations of most churches largely do not. I'd even say the Bible does not. In a cursory search of the scriptures, nowhere does Jesus appeal to Herod or Caesar to be that "brother's keeper" - but His appeal is rather to individuals in their everyday walk. Private people making private decisions to love their neighbors and provide for their needs is what the Saviour was appealing to.

In attempting to appeal to their hearts, Obama seems to have misread the wisdom of the American public, because in the minds of the vast majority of Americans, government cannot be the moral answer to moral problems.

Besides all that, when or if this president ever finds a church - then perhaps I'll listen to his biblical pronoucements. Until then it's "Physician, heal thyself!"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health Care Debate - an Abortion update

This is the latest from Culture of Life about the abortion language and what is and is not in the health care bill currently.

Beware the "Health Advisory Board". If ever there was a dark, bureaucratic, amoral group under President Obama - it's this group. They are the Abu Ghraib prison guards of health care for the rest of us (Congress excluded). They will make Josef Mengele-like decisions that determine life or death over your aged parents and mine. And because Health Secretary Kathleen Sebellius - a staunch pro-abortionist - will appoint them, the group will be stocked with pro-death, amoral, bureaucratic judges whose decisions will have enormous power over Christians.

Pray for the salvation of many in these last days!