Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Race V...or III

John Stossel's ABC blog article points out what I've already said would happen. What I did not predict is this president's thin-skinned reaction to criticism. In defense, his supporters have chosen to bring out the "big guns" early by branding his critics "racists".

Granted, there are racists in America who are critics of the president. But there are also - and I would be willing to say the vast majority of - critics that are not racist. But the presidents supporters haven't made this clear distinction in his defense. I am African-American. I am a critic of a biracial president's policies. Am I also a racist? Are my motives for criticism racist? Am I racist against his white half or his black half? Not sure.

This nation is being divided and sifted in so many unhealthy ways. We are very near to reaching the point of no return, of permanent division between Left and Right, between Red State and Blue State, between belief in God and unbelief, and between possessors and professors.

God grant us the discernment in these days of trial!

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