Thursday, November 6, 2014

They did it!!

Great job, Elephants! You DID it! You didn't blow it. Now, you've got a chance to save America. But it's a slim chance because as someone said before: "You can work effectively against Obama and his agenda, but it's hard to work against the mindsets of the general electorate who put him there." That said, HOW you work, Republicans, will be the key to doing the things that need to get done. It's like getting things done with a nagging wife. You win her over with flowers, and mow the lawn, for starters. But you do the things you think are right while keeping the rhetoric down, giving her the "Yes, Dear" all while staying firm, but sure; pleasant but determined to keep your eyes on the ball.

So lets do five things:
1. Defund ACA. Please don't call it Obamacare or you'll  fall for the "Republicans are bent on destroying President Obama's legacy" emotive meme. You don't need the emotional back and forth. It is already unpopular enough. Set it aside by exempting all 50 states from it - how 'bout that?.

2. Build the DARN FENCE. Return the children back to Central America safely and humanely. Wait for Obama to misstep on Immigration. Some can stay, but some will have to return. This one's a toughie, admittedly, but it's why you were elected.

3. Fix the VA. This one's an easy win-win. We owe it to the Vets.

4. Get the Keystone Pipeline construction going. People need to be working, and nothing is more American than "shovel-ready" jobs that bring wealth into the heartland at the top of your Republican agenda.

5. No hearings are needed, but the IRS must be gutted and reformed. We can't see it, but there is or was something sinister going on between it and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

One extra: 
6. Cut taxes. It's gotten ridiculous again.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Watch out for the Media "Okie-Doke"

With just 30 days to go before the November elections, the political parties, commercials, and posturing intensifies. All polling data points to Republican gains in the House and Senate. The key question is will the Republican Party have enough of a gain in the Senate needed to overturn Obamacare. The threshold is 66 seats. Currently the Democratic Party holds the edge with 53 seats to the Republicans' 45 seats. The two Independents usually side with the Democrats. It will take a Republican tsunami to get a 21 seat sweep, but it is not impossible.

The likelihood scenario is that the Republicans will hold a 59-41 seat majority. Not enough to overturn Obamacare, but enough to get control over this mess of a government and hopefully derail the nefarious plans of a Socialist, Muslim, anti-American president and his Leftist comrades-in-arms from foisting their suicidal agenda on this nation.

What Republican candidates will now have to watch for is the unforced error - a speaking gaffe - or for the forced error. And what is a forced error? A forced error is a planted question, a mockery, a gonzo journalistic assault upon a Republican candidate with the express purpose of defaming, embarrassing, or discrediting Republican candidates or incumbents - coming from a member of the Media, the Press corps, or from a so-called "unbiased journalist". Make no mistake about it, the Media is all in for Democratic Party. They themselves ARE Democrats. They cannot bring themselves to vote for a Republican candidate. Editorial staffs across the country have been put on notice to support Democratic Party candidates in their lines of questioning, in their presumption of Republican guilt. In short, the Democrats will not lose a single election on account of the Media. Indeed, it will wise for the Republican candidate to assume the Media is against him or her.

The RACE card will be played. The GENDER BIAS card will be played. The MY BODY, MY CHOICE card will be played. The CLIMATE CHANGE card will be played. The GAY AGENDA card will be played. The HEALTH CARE FOR ALL card will be played. The ISLAMOPHOBIA card will be played. The IMMIGRATION CHILD card will be played. So Republicans need to be on guard!!!

The unseen enemy, our free press, the institution needful for a free republic, is on the prowl seeking to devour Republicans and elect Democrats. The game they play is to appear to be even-handed in their Q & A then out comes the low-blow, cheap shot, trick question, i.e., like journalistic flim-flam artists - what street folks call the "okie-doke". How they get Republicans to fall for it is in their artful deception. So I say: Be Alert Republicans! DON'T FALL FOR THE OKIE-DOKE!

Friday, August 22, 2014

What, no tweets? A Journalist Beheaded

Just watching the gruesome beheading of journalist James Foley makes me angry, sad, and downright vengeful. He was a brave man. This was a direct attack on free speech. It was a spit in the face of freedom by a group dedicated to wiping out freedom. Yet what amazes me is the deafening silence of the media, the pundits, even the Hollywood so-called opinion makers - all of whom depend on the exchange of free ideas and free societies to traffic their thoughts and opinions. No tweets, no columns, no nothing. Only the Right wing media seems ablaze with substantive words. What gives? Nothing from Dwight Howard? Penelope Cruz, where are you when we need an involved political tweet to respond to this gruesome horror? Speaking of involved, all our President could give in response to the beheading was a tepid, amateur theologian summation of how "no religion teaches this", then back to the links. Four!!! I'm just thinking out loud: did Ike play this much golf? I mean, when you've got the Secretary of Defense and active and retired generals all talking about taking ISIS seriously and the Commander in Chief behaving in such a casual and aloof fashion - it sends mixed signals that cannot steel a nation for the seriousness of the task at hand. This was observed by Michael Savage, and I agree with this: the ONLY thing that gets this President riled up and emotional are the Republicans. No crisis, no situation, no judge - nothing gets him into the game, so to speak, than the Republican Party and all that it stands for. This is strange, fascinating, and unbecoming of the holder of the most powerful office on the planet. Me? I'm simply waiting for the next disaster to strike, and praying it isn't the blow to end all blows.

Friday, August 15, 2014

President Obama the Credible Liar

There is just no end to the chicanery at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I honestly believe Barack Obama is firmly against the nation of Israel. I've stated this in this blog many times. He is unprecedented, as president, in his continual lies about his love for America, his support for this countries allies, and about any general support for Israel. We've come now to the case of the president's statement on "unprecedented" support for Israel and its security. Bound by agreements between allies, it is customary and routine for military departments to trade, ship, and share arms and munitions. It's part of the ongoing process of building trust and cooperation among allies for the sake of common national security interests. We now have come to discover that the White House has injected itself into the customary arms shipment process from the U.S. to Israel - and has put a block on all military shipments to Israel. My Lord. This article captures how poorly a press secretary reacts when confronted by reporters as to why this block happened and who's responsible for it. The backdrop of president Obama's previous declaration of unprecedented support is telling. This man and his Administration are not to be trusted. It's just how skillfully he cloaks his lies to Israel and to the American people is what is so fascinating. His lies, in my judgment, have long since crossed the Rubicon of incredible to credible. The Credible Liar - Barack Obama!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

On this issue Ann Coulter thinks like I think...

Ann Coulter's scathing indictment of American Christianity took the form of an attack on a doctor who left his home in the U.S. to become a missionary to Liberia and wound up catching the Ebola virus. I loved it! A true story: I was interested in planting a church in the inner city of a major southern metroplex a few years ago. I needed advice and some fundraising help from my denomination - whose name will go unmentioned - but suffice it to say that this multinational church denomination is famous for sending missionaries abroad, especially to Africa. Eventually during my conversation over lunch with the Missions Board Director, the topic of how much I needed to get started came up. When I asked how much it would cost to send a missionary to Africa, I was told a five figure sum could be given by the Board and the rest would have to be raised from the local church. I suggested I'd be interested in receiving a tenth of that amount. When he asked where I was interested in going, I replied, to the inner city. Unfortunately for me that did not strike him as a mission field and the conversation's tone changed a bit. While sympathetic to my desires, the Missions Director delicately stated that US inner cities were ineligible for missions status since, in so many words as he put it: it was the "territory" of the Black Churches of America. Ahem! Ah, well. That was that. A missionary to Africa can receive $30,000 from a major denomination but a missionary to Atlanta, not even a tenth of that. I was not entirely discouraged, but I did leave that denomination and temporarily laid aside my plans to preach and teach the Word of God. Abandoning the mission field in the city, I sought instead to become an educator - and found a position as a Christian school educator, in particular. As it turned out, the Lord was providentially closing doors and leading me to where He wanted me to be. And like a fish to water, it has been in the field of Christian education where I have found much satisfaction and peace. Yet every now and again, I look back at the fields of harvest in the city from time to time and wonder what might have been. When I see the collapse of the Black family in the city I wonder what good I could have done. Reading Ann Coulter's article caused me to remember what I saw at the time. America's soul was dying and it needed missionaries to the places where its soul was darkest: it's cities. Nothing against Africa, there are many fine Christians and churches there, but America needs all its Christian hands on deck, on its own shores. Ann is right, that doctor would have been of far greater use here in our towns and cities where diseases of the soul abound.

Young Turks Question

So there's this clown/host, Cenk Uygur, whose show TV "Young Turks" has a more liberal and Hamas-loving bent to it, tweeted a question: "Where should Hamas fire their rockets from?" Which I think is a question that deserves a answer grounded in military reality and common sense. They may not be ready to hear this, but in the history of warfare and uprisings - ancient and modern - if fighting takes place within the confines of a populace, then there will be casualties within that populace. War is Hell and people, innocent and guilty alike, die in it. But the question got me to thinking about urban warfare and how much more devastating its consequences are versus traditional, field-of-battle, conflicts. Take the Communard Revolt of 1871 in France. A very large political group of communists, called the Commune, by way of revolt and a distracted French Army, took over Paris for about the space of one year. The Communards - like Hamas - did NOTHING to build up a regular army to fight the French on a given field of battle - away from civilians - so that things could be settled by the ancient laws of conquest. Instead, they strategically harbored their resources, organized and built an army from among civilians and sympathizers within Paris, then misguidedly chose to barricade themselves within the confines of the city of Paris proper and, well...daring the French Army to come into Paris and get them. By the time Thiers and MacMahon got their forces up and engaged, fully recovered from the defeat of the French at the hands of the Prussians a year earlier, not only was the Commune eventually crushed, the civilian population of Paris was hit hard and left reeling, having suffered from the scorched-earth policies of the Commune (they burned down the Tuileries and the Hotel de Ville) and subsequently from the vengeful arm of General Galifet of the French Army - a martinet who cut down both innocent and guilty Parisians alike. It was a bloody end to a rebellion, but it was textbook in the annals of warfare. I chose that example because here we have the Palestinians, governed by a dysfunctional, misguided, demonic, political entity known as Hamas - whose charter (constitution?), has called for the annihilation of their western, progressive, non-Islamic, democratic next door neighbor, Israel. This same Hamas - Jew-haters, Christian-haters, and haters of anyone except strict Sharia Law partisans - has not only been accused of firing rockets into Israel from non-military installations, but proven to have fired rocket into Israel from non-military installations by "objective" UN observers. In retaliation, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), using high tech detection methods has counter-punched, destroying not only the rocket launch sites, but the surrounding environs near where the strikes have originated. Unfortunately, it has resulted in civilian casualties - women and children - slaughtered by IDF counter strikes. Yet amazingly, all I'm reading from the news is why the IDF has been so "heavy handed" against civilians and children. Now COME ON! REALLY? SERIOUSLY? While I have sympathy for the "women and wains" of Palestine who have suffered most grievously by this war business, it was their menfolk who brought it on. An old saying from the 'hood sorta sums things up for me: "Don't start nuthin' - there won't be nuthin'" - which leaves me with nothing but scorn and spite for Hamas and their tactics. I just cannot wrap my mind around the thought of grown men - the blatant cowards and pussies - knowingly and strategically placing missile launchers in the midst of schools, hospitals, mosques, and heavily populated areas expecting that people will be sympathetic to their "struggle" when things don't work out. As I heard from some wag, "Men typically hide their women and children and go fight - HAMAS hide BEHIND their women and children and try to fight. So to answer the Young Turks host's question: Let Hamas fire from where they may. If in the field of battle, let them die a soldiers death. No shame in that. But if their fight is from among the skirts and diapers of their own women and children then, Young Turk, why don't you tweet to the world that this fight is DISHONORABLE and the blood of the innocents are on Hamas' hands, not Israel's. NUFF SAID.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Don't Mess with Israel

Very ghoulish, these evil Palestinians, as they handle the dismembered bodies of their own dead children. They started this one, hopefully Israel will finish it. A ridiculous and foolish conflict. And to think they would put missiles in or near a school! The U.N. observed this crime and the best they could do is offer "balanced" criticism of "both sides" in the conflict. But children, Palestine?? With this you have permanently lost any moral high ground you may have had. A new low in the curse and scourge of warfare. The lesson? Don't f**k with Israel.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm baaack!

I simply couldn't take it anymore. I had no voice. My thoughts were spilling out into the open. People look at you as if you are crazy when that happens. The Republic is under assault from illegals who are unafraid of the rule of law. The borders are wide open and ripe for an attack. Middle Eastern and African regions are aflame with terror. ISIS (or ISIL) is absolutely Robespierrean in its murderous excesses in Iraq. Even now they have pushed with astonishing, Mohammad-like speed into Kurdish territory and seem to be aiming for the Syrian border. Russia - the "bad boys" of world politics - continues its expansionist plans in Ukraine, Syria, and beyond. And maybe, just maybe, they are strapping for a confrontation with the USA and its weak, narcissistic, Chief Executive. Israel is being attacked and anti-semites everywhere - on our college campuses, in major cities in Europe and in NYC - came out of the closet. And they came unashamed, without alloy, and they are numerous. The US government is fundamentally dysfunctional because the People it serves are dysfunctional. The world is crumbling and our President, like a fiddling Caesar, simply golfs! Where to begin with all this...? With prayer and fasting, certainly. I will be updating this blog regularly from now on.