Friday, October 3, 2014

Watch out for the Media "Okie-Doke"

With just 30 days to go before the November elections, the political parties, commercials, and posturing intensifies. All polling data points to Republican gains in the House and Senate. The key question is will the Republican Party have enough of a gain in the Senate needed to overturn Obamacare. The threshold is 66 seats. Currently the Democratic Party holds the edge with 53 seats to the Republicans' 45 seats. The two Independents usually side with the Democrats. It will take a Republican tsunami to get a 21 seat sweep, but it is not impossible.

The likelihood scenario is that the Republicans will hold a 59-41 seat majority. Not enough to overturn Obamacare, but enough to get control over this mess of a government and hopefully derail the nefarious plans of a Socialist, Muslim, anti-American president and his Leftist comrades-in-arms from foisting their suicidal agenda on this nation.

What Republican candidates will now have to watch for is the unforced error - a speaking gaffe - or for the forced error. And what is a forced error? A forced error is a planted question, a mockery, a gonzo journalistic assault upon a Republican candidate with the express purpose of defaming, embarrassing, or discrediting Republican candidates or incumbents - coming from a member of the Media, the Press corps, or from a so-called "unbiased journalist". Make no mistake about it, the Media is all in for Democratic Party. They themselves ARE Democrats. They cannot bring themselves to vote for a Republican candidate. Editorial staffs across the country have been put on notice to support Democratic Party candidates in their lines of questioning, in their presumption of Republican guilt. In short, the Democrats will not lose a single election on account of the Media. Indeed, it will wise for the Republican candidate to assume the Media is against him or her.

The RACE card will be played. The GENDER BIAS card will be played. The MY BODY, MY CHOICE card will be played. The CLIMATE CHANGE card will be played. The GAY AGENDA card will be played. The HEALTH CARE FOR ALL card will be played. The ISLAMOPHOBIA card will be played. The IMMIGRATION CHILD card will be played. So Republicans need to be on guard!!!

The unseen enemy, our free press, the institution needful for a free republic, is on the prowl seeking to devour Republicans and elect Democrats. The game they play is to appear to be even-handed in their Q & A then out comes the low-blow, cheap shot, trick question, i.e., like journalistic flim-flam artists - what street folks call the "okie-doke". How they get Republicans to fall for it is in their artful deception. So I say: Be Alert Republicans! DON'T FALL FOR THE OKIE-DOKE!