Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Anti-Semite in Chief and his Secretary

The mask is finally off. John Kerry has now openly stated that Israel - a nation founded by and for Jews - cannot be Jewish AND democratic. What an amazingly naive and stupid statement to make. (Just a thought: what exactly is the Knesset, John?)

The Obama Administration has now removed its treacherous mask of Israel-hatred. Kerry and President Obama are now officially recognized among history's most notorious anti-Semites. Their actions at the UN in siding with Israel's enemies PROVE it. Imagine that, an anti-Semitic, Israel-hostile, American president.

May their legacies be the equivalent of history's eternal losers - right up there with Hitler and Stalin. Of course, Mr. Obama is not out of office yet, so there are probably more outrages to come.

Come quickly, January 20th!!

Soli Deo Gloria & Baruch Hashem!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Obama wants to be UN Chief - OMG

I read this in Townhall and was floored. So, OK, Obama would like to be the Secretary-General of the United Nations - and Netanyahu wants to thwart it. No big deal, right? Ugh, wrong. Think again.

Can you imagine a man who has unilaterally cut a nuclear deal with a sworn enemy of the United States - over the objections of the Congress - becoming an international gadfly in high office? unburdened by the US Constitution, occupying a bully pulpit of immense corruption? Can you image the potential damage to world order brought about by a individual who brings the Chicago-style, nation-unsettling turbulence of the "community organizer"  to the executive chair of an organization built ostensibly for world peace? to an organization that is anti-Israel in its genetic makeup? Good God! Talk about dark days ahead!

I'm shuddering because it is becoming increasingly clearer just WHO the Antichrist is....

In Christ, I live and move and have my being!