Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm baaack!

I simply couldn't take it anymore. I had no voice. My thoughts were spilling out into the open. People look at you as if you are crazy when that happens. The Republic is under assault from illegals who are unafraid of the rule of law. The borders are wide open and ripe for an attack. Middle Eastern and African regions are aflame with terror. ISIS (or ISIL) is absolutely Robespierrean in its murderous excesses in Iraq. Even now they have pushed with astonishing, Mohammad-like speed into Kurdish territory and seem to be aiming for the Syrian border. Russia - the "bad boys" of world politics - continues its expansionist plans in Ukraine, Syria, and beyond. And maybe, just maybe, they are strapping for a confrontation with the USA and its weak, narcissistic, Chief Executive. Israel is being attacked and anti-semites everywhere - on our college campuses, in major cities in Europe and in NYC - came out of the closet. And they came unashamed, without alloy, and they are numerous. The US government is fundamentally dysfunctional because the People it serves are dysfunctional. The world is crumbling and our President, like a fiddling Caesar, simply golfs! Where to begin with all this...? With prayer and fasting, certainly. I will be updating this blog regularly from now on.

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