Friday, August 15, 2014

President Obama the Credible Liar

There is just no end to the chicanery at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I honestly believe Barack Obama is firmly against the nation of Israel. I've stated this in this blog many times. He is unprecedented, as president, in his continual lies about his love for America, his support for this countries allies, and about any general support for Israel. We've come now to the case of the president's statement on "unprecedented" support for Israel and its security. Bound by agreements between allies, it is customary and routine for military departments to trade, ship, and share arms and munitions. It's part of the ongoing process of building trust and cooperation among allies for the sake of common national security interests. We now have come to discover that the White House has injected itself into the customary arms shipment process from the U.S. to Israel - and has put a block on all military shipments to Israel. My Lord. This article captures how poorly a press secretary reacts when confronted by reporters as to why this block happened and who's responsible for it. The backdrop of president Obama's previous declaration of unprecedented support is telling. This man and his Administration are not to be trusted. It's just how skillfully he cloaks his lies to Israel and to the American people is what is so fascinating. His lies, in my judgment, have long since crossed the Rubicon of incredible to credible. The Credible Liar - Barack Obama!

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