Friday, November 5, 2010


Just an update from my too infrequent postings....a Civil Rights leader you never heard of passed. From the New York Times in mid-October.

Most people remain mystified as to the root causes of Black-on-Black homicide. Sociologists, criminologists, police, politicians, and even pastors continue to be baffled as to why Black folk murder their own kind at the rate in which they do.

Most think the root causes are economic, but as I observe too often in Atlanta, most of the murders have little connection with robbery or illegal drugs. But there is an instructive passage in Bible tells us in Proverbs 26:2 "...the curse causeless shall not come."

If we would look to the causes of the involuntary death rate of Blacks in this country, we would do well to cast a glance at the statistics on voluntary homicide - that is, the Black abortion rate for a root cause to this evil curse. "...the curse causeless shall not come."

Saints like Mildred Jefferson devoted their lives to saving lives and calling attention to the scourge of death which invariably begets the culture of death - like the one now running rampant in the Black Community.

May the good Lord Jesus, the Christ of God, welcome her with open arms! Maranatha!

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