Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Obama: the Iranian Mullah's Prophetic Quisling

This article appeared in Forbes magazine in October 2008 just before Obama's election in November 2008. Somehow, a 17th century Shiite mullah writer and cleric apparently predicted Obama's rise and power and his favorable dealings with Iran.

I'm not sure if the prophecy is true or not, but the article points out things that have come to pass even since 2008.

So either the 17th century cleric was right and this Iranian-arming deal by Barack Hussein Obama is truly a remarkable piece of prophecy coming to pass, or if he was wrong, then the article's writer is the real  prophet - only from 2008, mind you - but still it is amazingly prescient in seeing how things have come about with this president and our country and the nation of Iran.


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