Friday, February 5, 2010

Pastors File Suit Against Hate Crimes Law

This should be a warning to all Christians as to the inevitable clash of homosexual rights, masquerading as "human dignity" and "hate crimes", versus religious freedom in the United States of America. All of us who are ministers of the Gospel should cease and desist from the notion that persecution cannot happen nere.

This case is one in which gospel radio broadcasting in Michigan has infiltrated Canada and, of course, biblical admonitions againt homosexuality and the so-called "gay lifestyle" is in direct confrontation to Canadian law which restricts what pastors can say regarding homosexuality. So we have this lawsuit filed by US pastors in Michigan against any expanded interpretation of US law by the courts which might place them - and by extension ALL ministers of the Gospel - in contravention of existing "hate crimes" laws.

Make no mistake: the Gay agenda is bent on silencing the Gospel regarding homosexual sins and this agenda wants the protection of their "lifestyle" federalized. Of course, our consciences dictate we must obey God rather than Caesar - so it really doesn't matter, we will preach the Gospel and "then shall the end come" - but we must pursue legal means while we can to "seek peace with all men" and to be obedient to Caesar's law as much as we are able.

This is heady, exciting, and a bit sad. The time is definitely short. It now becomes clearer that even in the US, there will be a time in which we will be "hated by all men for My [Jesus'] namesake."

Who knew?


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