Thursday, February 18, 2010

Black Babies: Endangered Species

Billboards are up in our town highlighting the systematic extermination of Black talent, potential, and future: the Black infant. As we have highlighted before on these pages, ABORTION is the #1 killer of Black youth in America.

Fox News has the article and has shined a spotlight on one group's attempt to call attention to this contemporary Black holocaust.

Margaret Sanger LIVES. What so disappointing about this article is the response of an academic Quisling named at the end of it: Beverly Guy-Sheftall. (Funny, I think I went to high school with this academic dunce.) For Guy-Sheftall and others like her, the point is to get Black women to not notice - to look away - from the horrifying evidence and to ignore the macabre history of eugenicists and their present-day heirs at Planned Parenthood in their plan to DESTROY African-Americans through the abortion mill.

Ignorance, Ms. Guy-Sheftall, is NO EXCUSE. As an academic with responsibility to inform the community, you are FAILING your people! How this differs from the Jewish Holocaust and the Final Solution is miniscule.

God will not hold us blameless for the murder of the unborn. In fact, stopping ABORTION could very well be the key to stopping the demonic stronghold of violent murder in the Black community.

Rubbish, you say? Think again. Does the Law of sewing and reaping work? Indeed, it does not fail!

I commend to you Abraham Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address regarding the Civil War and the "scourge" he so longingly wished the Lord would've ended sooner. In Lincoln's view it was not beyond the pale of a holy and just God to take life by scourge in return for life taken by hatred.

I'm just saying....


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