Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008 Youth Baseball Championship

Well, I'm back from Orlando, Fla. and would like to take this time to give a shout out to my son and his baseball team. They won the AAU National championship for their age group (11 yr. olds). What fun! Teams from all over the nation participated and while it was fairly hot the entire week, fans from all over got to see some great baseball from some superbly talented kids. My son (God bless him!) was singled out for his pitching perfomances (and a big hit)in the "most exciting game of the tournament" vs. the 4th ranked Florida Fire and in the championship game vs. the 11th ranked Virginia Storm. Yeah, they got national rankings for youth baseball.

Speaking of Orlando, I also got a chance to vist the Holy Land Experience. And how was it? Not bad. Excellent potential. It is obviously small in comparison to the other Orlando attractions, but I think it needs a bigger vision than it now has. I'd recommend it but with reservations. The temptation to "Disney-ise" some very solemn and passionate themes lurks heavily. But the architectural mock-ups are not bad at all. If this thing could be made larger and with serious eye to worship and reverence, it would be phenomenal.

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Bryan Z said...

Mazeltov! What a wonderful chance for a father to kvell. If you do not understand these terms, ask a Jewish friend.

Once again congratulations to you, your family and your son. Good job!