Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Cause of Anti-Semitism

Ever wonder how it is that the nations of the world in all their many and varied expressions of uncooperation, conflict of interest, division, and diplomatic differences can all seem to agree that on some deep level the Jews are somehow responsible for the problems of the world? I used to wonder about this as a youngster. Why the Jews? Why not...the Albanians? or the Scots? or why not the Turks?

It wasn't until I became exposed to the late Derek Prince's ministerial work that I became keenly aware of the central role the Jews have played and still play in the history of the Christian world and in the timeline of God's dealings with mankind. The Jews are hated because our ancient foe - the Devil - hates them. And as Prince of the Power of the Air, a title won at the Fall in Eden, Satan has been given great powers of intrusive thoughts, of evil suggestions, and over the imaginations of all of fallen Mankind. Thus it is from fallen thoughts and rebellious mindsets that anti-semitism emerges. Just combine a hatred of mankind and a hatred of God - and one can easily arrive at a hatred of the Jews. But why should the Devil hate the Jews?

I offer four good reasons (I promise to keep it short).

The Devil hates the Jews because as a people they are the special "voice" of God. The Apsotle Paul said that unto the Jews is given the "oracles of God" - the very words of God. They have been given the 10 Commandments and the Torah, or Laws of God, to live as a chosen people and a light to the Gentiles.

The Devil hates the Jews because his conqueror is a Jew. Yeshua Ha Massiach is the same Jesus the Christ - our Lord and Savior of the Gentiles by faith. Born of a Jewish mother - the criteria for establishing Jewishness by blood - He lived as a Jew and taught among the Jews. Ultimately, He defeated Satan in both the Wilderness temptation and at the cross of Calvary. These twin defeats signalled the beginning of the end of the Devil's rule over Mankind.

The Devil hates the Jews because their presence is a constant reminder of his twin defeats and his removal from office, still to come. Seen any Hittites lately? No, you haven't. Yet the Jews are an ANCIENT people - living right now among us - whose historic identity remains largely intact. I like to think of it this way: imagine a sport where your opponent is allowed to rub your nose in the defeat - hour after hour. You wouldn't like it either, would you? Well, in this case it is a struggle between the people of the KINGDOM of GOD versus the the power of the Prince of this World, which places the stakes of winning and losing into galactic proportions.

The Devil hates the Jews because they are back in their homeland. In terms of history this is unprecedented because this is the SECOND TIME AROUND for them. The return to Palestine is for them, as it would be for any people, nothing short of a miracle. How many times does recorded history show where an ethnic entity, a substantially large people group, having been forcibly removed from their ancient land, gets an opportunity to RETURN TO THAT LAND? It just doesn't happen - ever. But the Jews have now pulled this feat off - TWICE.

But the return of the Jews to their homeland has specific eschatalogical (end of the age) implications for us all and - most especially - the Devil. Why? Because the prophetic indications are that Jesus, Yeshua, will return to His people, for His people, and will establish His kingdom in the homeland of His people in the city of JERUSALEM. And it is from there He will judge the Nations of the World.

So when you see conferences like this one, it is a reminder the Devil is still in operation, notwithstanding the intentions of other conferences - like this one - aiming to mitigate anti-semitism. But as long as the Devil remains in charge of this world, you may know for sure that anti-semitism has a supernatural driving force behind it.

As the song goes..."the Devil is defeated, God is exalted, and Jesus Christ is Lord!"

Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus! Baruch Hashem!

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ynoti said...

Great post, great points. It is amazing to me how things can be done to Jews and it is explained away as not a big deal or the impact lessened because it is the Jews.

Just today, I read this piece from no Jewish sympathizer who states it this way:

"They are the only ethnic minority whose slaughter official society will excuse. If a mass murderer bombed a mosque or black Pentecostal church, no respectable person would say that the “root cause” of the crime was an understandable repulsion at the deeds of al-Qaeda or a legitimate opposition to mass immigration. Rightly, they would blame the criminal for the crime.

If a synagogue is attacked, I guarantee that within minutes the airwaves will be filled with insinuating voices insisting that the “root cause” of the crime was a rational anger at the behaviour of Israel or the Jewish diaspora." (from

I think there is a great deal of truth to that and it is because of the enemy as you stated so well. Thanks for sharing this very important perspective, one that I see as very in line with Scriptural and would consider a Godly viewpoint.

Blessings! B"H