Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You see the apostasy coming...

The Episcopals of North America are moving inexorably toward ordaining homosexuals as ministers of the gospel. The bishops of the Episcopal Church have voted and are now in agreement that God "has called and may call" practicing homosexuals "in committed relationships" to ministry.
I mean, you can see the apostasy coming here. Ultimately, the goal is to sanctify homosexuality as an innocent, normative, and thereby "righteous" part of the overall human condition. Once done, no holy office can be shielded from this perversion. Not legally, not institutionally, not in any way. If one objects to homosexuality on biblical grounds people will then ask, "What's your problem? The Episcopalians are OK with it. Are you holier than they?"

By then it will be checkmate. The tables will have turned. Conscientious objectors will then be "opposers of the church".

But I believe in God's protection. I believe He can and will thwart the schemes of the unholy. I am not an Episcopalian. But I believe that churches tend to rise and fall in similar ways. History has shown where regions of the world where the gospel was once preached with fervor and with signs and results following - overrun by armies or apostasized into oblivion - became pitifully reduced to the status of museums and curious landmarks.

But Jesus said, "the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church". This, I believe.

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