Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I want my baby back, baby back....

An awful, heart-rending piece of news from the fallout of a Lesbian "union". Even becoming born-again - as this woman has found out - will inevitably clash with child custody "rights" of a former lesbian lover.

An old article, but something I'd been meaning to post for its portent for the future of the American family and child-custody cases involving gays. And if President Obama's most recent nominee for a federal EEOC seat, Chai Feldblum, has anything to say about it - for whom "private beliefs" like Christianity are of small consequence - this kind of ruling could become the norm.

I wonder what I'd do if I were that mother's shoes. Lord knows I could not give my child up to anyone involved in the homosexual lifestyle. In this case, the courts says she must.

What would YOU do?


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