Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NASA outreach to Muslim world: a "foremost" priority

Count this among one of the more ridiculous proposals I have ever heard. A space administration bows to social and political policy by tailoring its mission to Muslim outreach and inclusivity. Well, if ever there were any doubts about the Obama administration's favoring Muslims and Muslim countries over many other people groups this story should just about remove those doubts.

"This is a deeply flawed policy" says a former NASA head. Sure it is. It flows from the mindset and priorities of a community organizer-led group of leftists with minimal appreciation of the greatness and achievements of America which include space exploration. These leftists seek instead to reorient American greatness, diminish it, and place it into the category of shared social achievement with the world. But an outreach to the Muslim world as part of NASA's "foremost" mission? What is going on there?

It's part of the worldview shift of the Obama left. They see scientific achievement as important only in a social context. They see America as important only in an international context. NASA, then, becomes a tool of American social policy wherein America's (i.e., the West) scientific and technical greatness must be used to salve the self-esteem of the non-scientific Muslim world by "outreach" and seeking "shared contributions" with them.

Amazingly strange and weird. Kinda like the smart kids sharing their A-level high-tech science projects with the kids with the planets on coat hangers. Kinda like saying if the Yankees win a World Series it's a win that should be shared with an unrelated city like Bismarck, North Dakota, or having the Yankees organization prioritize an outreach to groups that don't even play baseball, like to Buddhist monks in Tibet.

It's a head scratcher. But then President Obama - the internationalist, Muslim, community organizer - is himself a head scratcher.

And these are very strange times we live in.


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