Saturday, June 27, 2015

Defeat, Disillusionment, and Disaster - a portent of trouble ahead for the USA

America has fallen! America has fallen! America has fallen!

The Supreme Court's sad and wretched ruling on Friday legalizing homosexual marriage rights will now reshape marriage and our civil society and community. It will permanently mar the landscape of gender, gender norms, and the raising of children. By making perversion normative, the new norm of the Public Square is lawful perversion. Honorable? No. Dignified? No. But legal perversion is now a civil right - because the Highest Court of Law in the Land has made it so. 

What next? Because the essence of perversion is the Lie, and the Father of Lies is behind the Sexual Revolution which created this embryonic perversion of the marriage gift, the enemy now has his foothold by lawful means into the deepest institution of life - the family.  And here is where the persecution begins. Here is where people of serious faith, of honest conscientious dissent, who are filled with the Spirit, washed by the Blood of Jesus, and filled with His love are now marked for confrontation, persecution, and ultimate destruction by this Enemy. It will be a "scorched America" policy, you can take it to the bank. All will go down with it.

Soon, people of faith will be on the run, retreating into hiding from the government's eye. (And thank we now our God that Obamacare has revealed to us all that our government kommissars are an increasingly incompetent lot!) It is very possible and indeed probable that China's underground churches will be replicated in the United States because only the Perverse Churches, akin to the government approved Three-Self Churches of China, will be allowed to publicly and openly practice "faith" without penalty.

Like the German Volken watching the Nazi parades in the early years prior to their taking power in 1933, I watched this growing Gay Movement with much trepidation and wonder a few years back. And I asked myself, Where will it go? How far will it go? Where will it take America? Will people of sound mind, noble virtue, or just plain ol' decency stop this thing in its tracks before it affects our children? And some people tried, but no voice was found to stop it. Opposition failed miserably.

Now Gay Pride has risen to power. Not supreme power, but very close to it. The Law has granted it power enough to no longer worry about costs or potential for ruin. And why should the Gays care about any of that? Having lived disaffected lives for so long its adherents don't mind disaffecting the rest of us. The country and the people be damned. Because the Enemy is behind this, it will come to pass.  

Well, enough. I must now close this most cathartic of screeds. 

I need prayer! Won't y'all pray for me? I am really depressed for my country. Nothing sums up my dismay and fear for the fate of all believing Christians in the United States now more than this article. It gives me some hope, but it has injected a sense of stark and fateful reality into my veins.

We may have to pray and worship differently. But we must never agree with Perversion. Nor can we recant because of the power it now holds.

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