Monday, December 7, 2015

2,205 Black Lives

Wow. Police killed 29 African Americans in 2014. I guess somehow, with all the BLM protesting, I expected that number to be much greater. I mean, not to be too coarse about it but that's a number that's less than the number of killed and wounded in San Bernardino by the ISIS couple last week.

Black Lives Matter, right? 

Now, having come across this: According to FBI data Blacks were responsible for killing 2,205 other Blacks in 2014. Now that's an alarmingly high number. And it's about 76 times more than the police tally.

But Black Lives Matter, right?

I'm asking again: do Black Lives really Matter to other Black folk? If so, why is this number so high?

I'm just asking. Because until a coherent answer is found, it seems to me to be a classic case of "physician heal thyself".

Preach when you've a REAL sermon. Protest when you've got a REAL moral argument. 

I need to put a sign up outside my house, or better yet, carry around a placard with the number 2,205 on it. Wonder if I'll get any media attention.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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