Monday, October 6, 2008

Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Jungend! Ein Fuhrer...Obama!

Frau Goebbels, the wife of the nefarious Dr. Josef Goebbels, was in love with Adolf Hitler. She was an idealist, and the Third Reich was her Millenium. There was nothing she would not do for her ubermensch, Hitler. So when it became clear in the very last days of the Reich that Hitler would commit suicide in his underground bunker, she sobbed, "My children are too good to live in a world without National Socialism." Touched by the loyalty of the Goebbels family and before he was to retire to his private quarters, Hitler granted them a private audience where the six young children sang a beautiful Fatherland lullaby to "Uncle Hitler". They were later poisoned in their beds by Frau Goebbels. This is sourced from Joachim Fest's phenomenal book, "Inside Hitler's Bunker".

The following video brought that episode to mind:

Then there's this video. I'm not sure what to make of it but that it is a youth "step" dance done with Obama as the inspiration of hope for these urban boys. But the uniforms, the camouflage pants and gold boots, complete with militant attitude and fist salutes smacks of fashion plated Hitler Jungend. The Fruit of Islam also comes to mind, as does the S1Ws - if you will permit me a humorous digression. Check it out:

But isn't this the stuff that's supposed to happen in other countries? Aren't these the activities and marks of a flawed civilization? The cult of political personality has arrived in America - ubiquitous, all-powerful, strong, yet inspiring and idealistic. Kinda like...Adolf Hitler before anyone knew what he was really up to. Are we sure, really, that we know what Obama's all about? I'm just asking.

You see, we never were taught to sing songs to or about Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Madison, or Teddy Roosevelt when I was in school. It was generally thought to be un-American to exalt our leaders like kings or saviors - else we'd have been fine with George III. But even if we had been asked to sing, those men deserved national acclaim even before they became presidents. Still, they were men; they merely presided over the Congress and didn't rule over them. So if change was gonna come, it would take a whole host of leaders to do it. So my question is: What's Obama done to deserve this kind of passionate belief in his ability to change things in our country? What are his change ideas? There's gotta be more to it than what we've seen and read of him. Obama is not Jesus, after all. But I fear his converts - and this nation - may be too far down the road to discern truth - even if something dastardly were found out.


Matt 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

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