Monday, November 10, 2008

Black America: Sheep in Wolves Clothing

I didn't really want to write this, but I am compelled to address the spectacular contradiction of Black Christian allegiance to biblical truth and a liberal political worldview that I think is best illustrated by the phrase "sheep in wolves clothing".

What triggered my thoughts (and exasperation) on this issue was that fact that polls showed that in California, perhaps the most liberal state in the Union, the Proposition 8 Initiative that essentially outlawed gay "marriage" in the state, was defeated largely by African-Americans. It's true. Oh yeah, and you'll hear about the enormous funding from the Mormon church and so on, but Prop. 8 opponents (pro-gay marriage) outspent the supporters by 16 million dollars (45 mil to 29 mill), so the problem wasn't the Mormons nor was it money. The problem was that Obama's core support, African-Americans, voted in favor of the proposition 70% to 30%. Put another way, if Blacks had only voted consistently with their liberal leanings - and consistent with the leanings of their candidate of choice, Barack Obama - Proposition 8 would have gone down to a miserable defeat.

And gays would have enshrined homosexuality as the law of the land in the nation's largest state and perhaps in Florida and Arizona, who also shot down pro-gay marriage initiatives. But this didn't happen, and hence my point.

Gays everywhere publically protesting against the Mormon Church (and by implication against all biblically believing Christians), but privately they have to be miffed at African-Americans in general and the Civil Rights lobby in particular which failed to deliver their liberal votes for their principal Equal Rights issue.

But here's what I don't get. How is it that African-Americans, largely a conservative Protestant Christian people, can find in their consciences to elect to the highest office in the country a man whose policies are so diametrically opposed to what they say they value? Put another way, are Blacks politically and socially liberal - or are they not? Do we prefer the false comfort of somehow being politically liberal yet socially conservative?

Of course, it is well-known from past elections that Blacks tend to vote the Democratic slate virtually "straight-ticket". But I admit to being quite surprised that Barack Obama - a liberal's liberal - can garner near unanimous support from a people whom the polls show are largely anti-gay ("homophobic" using today's PC terminology); who attend Bible-believing churches regularly; are largely anti-abortion (though they have them disproportionately); anti-evolution in their worldview; who tend to favor lower taxes; who are the recipients of the largest middle class properity growth in recorded history from 1980 - 2005 (under mostly conservative Republican governance, btw OK?); and who favor strong law and order law initiatives. Because, because, because, fellow Christians, Barack Obama doesn't favor any of these values.

Why do we persist in voting with the side that opposes our prosperity and weal, values that come from the godly application of the promises of the Bible?

Now, the forces of darkness have agitated the gays. Protesters have hit the streets almost daily since the Tuesday defeat. And in a strategic sense they are justified in their anger at this latest "betrayal", but they have targeted the wrong group for their protests. It's not the Mormons, a publically conservative religious group that has never been friendly to homosexuals. It is African-Americans who have let them down. (Personally, I want the gay community to "call out" African-American voters. See who's on who's side.) Their protest marches should be right out in front of the offices of the California, Florida, and Arizona chapters of the NAACP and other African-American institutions (and churches) who campaigned for the same liberal ticket as they did, but who secretly shot down a centerpiece liberal Equal Rights initiaitive in the voting booth.

You can call it the "Prop 8 Effect". Or you might say the gays got "Bradleyed."

Whatever the case, the larger point is this: gays instinctively sense that liberals should stick together on values issues. After all, liberals are tolerant, right? But Black folks - largely Christians - hold conservative values that are shaped mostly by belief in the Bible, as I earlier listed. Strangely, they seem to have other ideas when they vote the liberal ticket.

One thing is apparent though. This latest Black Christian voting pattern didn't see the relationship between politics and values. That's why I call them sheep in wolves clothing.

The sad thing is I truly believe Barack "that's above my paygrade" Obama does see the relationship. As do Rev. Jeremiah Wright, James Cone, Louis Farrakhan, and many Liberation, Black Liberation, Gay Christians, and Liberal Christians. They see the relationship all too clearly. And it is they who will expand their vision for America by dismantling the conservative values African-Americans have traditionally held. Why? Because they now have a friend in the White House. How? Already, there is talk of the use of Presidential executive orders to speed agendas through. Barack is ready to "rule".

Can you say "last days apostacy"?

Remember, Hitler came to power democratically but governed through emergency decrees.

A warning to all Black Christians: Sheep don't make good wolves.

1 Kings 18:21
"And Elijah came to all the people, and said, How long halt you between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him...

...and the people answered him not a word."

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