Thursday, November 6, 2008

Black and Nobama

Sorry, the title is a bit misleading. Yes, I am Black and while I will pray (and have already prayed and interceded) for our President-elect, yet I cannot see how a man of God could have found it in his biblical and moral sense to have voted for a man who - for all I have read of his views on morality - opposes several important and vital biblical principles. And I apologize. This is just beyond my thinking capacity.

Now we read where churches are divided ethnically (racially?) on Obama based on the vote. Ya think?

But hey, we can talk candidly now, he's going to be the President. OK?

Pro-gay rights. Pro-abortion. Pro-LIVE BIRTH abortion (i.e., murder). A socialist democrat who intends to redistribute wealth. An anti-Israel demagogogue who wants to woo the world and yet has nothing on his resume to assure us of his capacity to vote sensibly, much less run the country sensibly.

Now, as a Black Man, I AM PROUD of him as a Black Man. I am proud of WHO HE IS but I CANNOT BE PROUD of WHAT HE STANDS FOR. Unlike the First Lady, Michelle Obama, I AM UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED IN MY COUNTRY. Have we lost our minds? Are we blind? What is our excuse? Did George Bush make us do this? Are we apostate? Why couldn't we have not - therefore - picked a Muslim, a Wiccan, an atheist, or a Shaman for president? I mean, folks, the likelihood that Barack is even Christian is very low given that Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his Liberation theology is as far from the Gospel as the Bhagavad Gita.

Think on it! What has he believed and when did he believe it? He has no language of faith. His mother had no faith in God at all. His father, well... Pastor Wright became his surrogate dad to replace the absentee bigamist Barack Obama, Sr. became. And Pastor Jeremiah Wright is from the Chicago/Detroit school of northern, political pastors. All liberation and no faith (at least not in God). A three points and a poem pulpiteer of dubious discipling ability and an outsized ego. Furthermore, and let's be clear here: any man who can preach "God-D-mn America" sermons regularly - and after 9/11 especially - without batting an eye is not saved! Okaay?

It's as if Black Christians have en masse said - to heck with the Bible - we need "one of us" in the White House. And any ol' smooth talking brotha will do. Should sound like Billy Dee Williams and be able to talk to white folks real good. And with a bit of a shoulder lean say, "Hey Putin, c'mere. Come talk to a brotha." That's our kind of President. That kind of sellout mentality to a racial "high" and historic "moment" will come back to hurt us. It's a sad reminder of how we, as a people, tend to value too much style and not enough substance. The numbers don't lie.

In this historic election of the nation’s first African American president, black voters made up 13 percent of the electorate – up from 11 percent in 2004 and 10 percent in 2000. Fully 95 percent of blacks voted for Obama. In 2004, Kerry won 88 percent of the black vote and Gore won 90 percent in 2000.

Even Saul had his thousands.

Then you read in the where some columnist suggested that anybody Black who voted for McCain is somehow vested in "self-hate". Baloney Sandwich. It's more like self preservation, sister. I want to live. And I want my family to live.

Sure, I would have loved to have seen an African-American chief executive - but under a much different banner. One with conservative gravitas and talent and charisma and faith in the God of the Bible would have done nicely! One who bleeds America and proudly sports a flag pin, who salutes the flag willingly. One whose roots are in this fine land and not a sojourner seeking the nomination to become some "Mundus Imperator". A Cincinnatus, not a Caesar. One who cherishes Edmund Burke-style human liberty, not some Marxist "from each according to his ability to each according to his need" drivel - which Marx himself apostasized from Acts 4:32. I could no more have voted for Obama than I could now begin pulling for the Tennesee Titans just because they have a Black quarterback since after all, I root for the Atlanta Falcons (who happen to have a White QB).

Obama is just not on my biblical team.

And I wonder what biblical team is brother Thomas Dexter Jakes on?

Guess I am now a Five Percenter. Hey, if the first African American president has made history, I suppose I have been officially recorded as among the five percent of African American voters who did not vote for him. So, I too have made history. We have made history. We few. We happy few. We band of brothers...


BingoJimmy said...

Fantastic. I agree with only half of what you say but this is eloquent, and unlike most of the drivel on this blog thing, has real passion. Keep the articles coming!

Ballpointblog said...

Thank you so very much.