Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Campus diversity group misses elephant on the diploma!

Amazing. This article is about a diversity group on the campus of Presbyterian-founded Trinity University in San Antonio, TX that is seeking the removal of the words, "in the year of our Lord" from their graduating diplomas. They say these words are an affront to the diversity of the campus graduates presumably because not all students are Christian and that the words themselves reflect a Christian pressuposition.

Head scratcher time: Doesn't the word "Trinity" presume a Christian point of view?

The campus diversity group, headed by a Muslim student, brought the petition. Here's a quote:

"In order for our diplomas to accurately reflect the diversity that Trinity University proudly upholds, we respectfully ask that they simply state ‘the year two thousand nine [ten, eleven, etc.]’ or use the designation ‘Common Era’,"

Why the group didn't also ask to have the word, "Trinity", a Christian theological term if ever there was one, removed from the diplomas was something no one has explained.

The battle for the Judeo-Christian worldview and faith is certainly underway.


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