Friday, March 19, 2010

Obama's War on Israel

This is an important editorial from the Jerusalem Post. Maybe the Jews have awakened from their slumber. If so, it is high time. The article outlines several valid POLITICAL reasons for Obama's seeming about-face towards the State of Israel.

But one possible reason for Obama's turnabout that's ignored in this piece - and I dare ask it. Maybe it's possible that because Barack Obama is an anti-Semite, his policy against Israel is a logical outworking of his anti-semitic worlview?

Of course this assumes that an anti "State of Israel" policy is by definition an anti-semitic policy - and that is a question, while fair enough, often leads to a very raw discussion. As we know, there are many Jews who themselves are anti-State of Israel and anti-Zionist. (which raises another question of whether a Jew can be self-hating enough to be an anti-semite) However, it may be countered that anti-Semitism by definition places one into the anti-State of Israel campground no matter how you slice it.

And to be fair, there may be political reasons for this president's abrupt turn against Israel. But given Obama's direct spiritual influence - chiefly from his notoriously anti-Semitic pastor, Jeremiah Wright - it is a plausible assumption (this anti-Semitism, that is) that has merit. There are other key Muslim influences in the president's life and career that have also shaped his view of Israel for the worse. So stay tuned, it's not called the End Times for nothing.

I have a feeling that we as a nation are about to find out if Genesis 12:3 is really true. Keep an eye on Israel, the Lord's time clock. And pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.


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