Monday, September 15, 2008

African-American Christians: Race Trumps Life and Immorality

As most folks already know, Barack Obama holds a 95% lock on the favorability meter of African-Americans. (Whether or not they will show up at the polls is another thing. Traditionally, Black turnout is amazingly less than 50% of eligible voters!) The passion his candidacy has raised among all African-American demographics is very strong.

Yet and still, with 85% of all African-Americans living EAST of the Mississippi River, it is not likely their vote will affect an outcome of a state that is not already heavily Democratic and expected to vote Democrat in the November election. For example, New York, Illinois, and D.C. are rock-solid Democratic states whose urban city centers comprise the largest African-American populations anyway.

So now we read that African-American Christians are divided against their White Christian brothers and sisters over Obama. And who is leading the charge over this divide? Black Christian pastors! Amazing. What else is there to say but that this is a continued sellout of the faith? Black pastors, the last bastion of pro-life advocacy and anti-homosexuality in the Black community are jettisoning those positions as fast as Judas Iscariot's kiss and tell, thus proving that the Bible means very little to these people - and race seems to mean everything - in their abandonment of First Principles morality.

Black babies are being slaughtered at a record pace and all these people can do is stump for a politician who calls an unwanted baby "a mistake"?

The Gay Agenda is real, but these pastors seems to think they can play footsie with it and not find their Christianity completely compromised.

Well at least we can say that the end of the Civil Rights took place on our watch. If Obama is elected, which I am pessimistically predicting he will, at least the last crutch from race-based greivance mongering will be gone. We as a people will have "ascended to the mountain-top" of this world and the power of this world. A Black President.

But if Obama loses, the moral suasion of the Black Church will still have been destroyed for thirty pieces of silver and lack of wisdom.

Lord, do not forsake our people! Where is our Jeremiah?!

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