Monday, March 9, 2009

Kings and Kingdoms....

People ask me all the time about Barack Obama and what he means for the United States - either for our good or for our bad - for our weal or for our woe. It always makes me chuckle. We'll find out, I usually say.

And because I'd written a blog entry some time ago about President Obama and was content to let events pass along, and because I can't help noticing the pointed concern from believers - bordering on fear - let me throw something in that I hadn't thought of before, but was suggested from a brilliant sermon I heard this weekend.

Is Obama worse than...

Antiochus Epiphanes?
Herod the Great?
Julian the Apostate?

Well, if not, then people of God can be assured that if these world leaders - hostile as they were to the WORD of God, hostile in varying degress to the PEOPLE of God, hostile in so many ways to the PRESENCE of God - could not destroy God's people, try though they might, then we as believing Christians have no good reasons to fear Barack Obama and a left wing government in the USA.

We should, however, begin to pray fervently, aloud, and very often for souls to be saved.

I believe America - the nation - is no longer under God's covering protection - though we remain a covenant nation, that is why we are seeing the abominable happen in our land socially, the radical reversal of our economic fortunes domestically and globally, and our foreign policy crumbling before our eyes. Our nation's enemies sharpen their swords for war and I have no doubt they intend to bring it. Almighty God "sends" these things our way so that we may cry aloud to him. The exact same things happened to Israel.

Let us open our Bibles and see what is plainly written. I think then we'll see that our situation is almost a carbon-copy of the stories of God's people and how they were delivered when, and only when, they repented.

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