Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama meets with Gorbachev

President Obama has met and has had talks with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. I've talked about him on this blog before, so you already know what I think of Gorbachev.

Note the Reuters photo of Gorby with the "Peace" dove in the blue background.
Ochen interestnaya!

Is he the Man of Sin? I don't know for sure, but his foundation, Green Cross International has all the global warming assuming, peace bringing, "world solutions-based" orientation of a global sinister plot that could control the world's economic, political, and commercial resources.

I read Mr. Faid's book about Gorbachev years ago and was impressed by it. And Mikhail Gorbachev did win the Nobel Prize. Of course, I could be wrong, nevertheless Faid's book is a compelling read given the time and season we now live in. But let's just conjecture for argument's sake say I'm on to something, Obama's meeting with him would be HUGE. Sort of like Jesus's meeting with John the Baptist. And I have said before, Obama's "aura" is for a reason. He may not be the Antichrist, that Man of Sin, but given the times and seasons we now live in he may be a forerunner - sent as a preparer for a charismatic leader of gravitas and stature whose vision and leadership will usher in global world peace.

Yet for the discerning believer, Obama is also a thermometer, a gauge of the world's hunger for leadership, its hunger for the cult of personality who can lead us all to peace as the world envisions peace. His design is to eliminate American "exceptionalism", her former role in the world by subduing her power and remaking her and thereby bringing her into the coordinated efforts of the nations of the world in terms of economics, commerce, political aims, and even justice.

But America is divided over these apparent aims. She is the last of the "holdout" nations to global unity. We had gotten quite used to our exceptionalism, but with Democrats in power - the President, the Congress, and a majority of state governorships - the exceptionalism we once had is gone and will probably be gone for good. The Devil plans to sift us as wheat and I believe Obama is his tool to that end.

But lets' not lose sight of the eschatological ball, Israel is his main target and she must be isolated by global boycott. Why? Because the holy hill of Zion - where JESUS(YESHUA) SHALL REIGN - is the Devil's prize. He seeks occupy that hill by world opinion and force of nations (UN?), by political necessity and military force. Right now, his religion, the religion of the False Prophet, occupies the hill (Al Aqsa Mosue) only partially, and even then by permission of Israel. The question is now, will America, Israel's last and most powerful ally, betray her? An anonymous intelligence specialist thinks it will likely be the case under the Obama administration.

The End Times are just about set. So where will YOU spend eternity?

Baruch Hashem! Maranatha! Soli Deo Gloria!

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