Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Waterboarding = Torture; D&E Abortion Procedure = Not Torture

The President says with near-impossible hypocrisy that as a nation America is at risk of "losing our moral bearings" - on the issue of the CIA's use of alleged torture techniques, like waterboarding, during intense interrogation sessions.

Perhaps from now on we'll just not place sweets on their pillows during their hotel stays.

But the larger picture is this: who is he to judge about American morality? Isn't this kind of judgment way over-the-top from a "when life begins is above my paygrade" President who was and still is famously pro-abortion from the Senate to the White House? The nerve! The effrontery! President Obama is poised to make Executive decisions regarding U.S. taxpayer funding of ANY kind of abortion as law - and he has the nerve to lecture the American people on moral bearings?

The President supports the abortion of innocent life at every possible stage and in every possible way, but we pour water on a suspected terrorist's head to make him confess to mass murder and we receive actionable intelligence, but somehow - by his twisted morality - we are at risk of losing our moral bearings?

This is how he said it after meeting with a foreign digitary:

"...And we rely on some very courageous people, not just in our military but also in the Central Intelligence Agency, to help protect the American people. And they have to make some very difficult decisions because, as I mentioned yesterday, they are confronted with an enemy that doesn't have scruples, that isn't constrained by constitutions, aren't constrained by legal niceties. Having said that, the OLC memos that were released reflected, in my view, us losing our moral bearings. That's why I've discontinued those enhanced interrogation programs..."

When the President of the United States can make these kinds of statements and no one bats an eye - Good Lord, help us!

Maranatha and Baruch Hashem!

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