Friday, April 17, 2009

What manner of this?

Can anybody tell me what quality this President possesses that even universities - reputed to be strong in their worldviews - will abandon even the symbols of what they believe in, award him an honorary degree, just for the opportunity to hear him speak? My goodness!

Word has it that Georgetown Universtiy was compelled to hide the "IHS", the symbol for Iesus Hemeteros Soter - Jesus Our Savior, even though it was not done for former First Lady Laura Bush who'd spoken at the same Georgetown lectern three years earlier.

And what about Notre Dame, by reputation a staunchly pro-life, Catholic institution electing to grant a public pulpit and an honorary degree to a man who'd only weeks earlier signed an executive order lifting all public funding restriction to abortion access in U.S. overseas programs (We wrote about this in an earlier post) even though they know President Obama is disingeuous about having a "dialogue" with pro-lifers.

This is too wild.


David Ritter said...

Fred - Perhaps the most important quality that Barack Obama lacks is the Constitutional requirement of being a natural born citizen and the holding of a birth certificate proving such. Why should we even consider for one scant moment of awarding him an honorary doctorate despite his antithetical beliefs to Christian values and what the founding fathers of America risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for. May I suggest that Barack Obama has no forum to speak unless he can first prove his constitutional standing to be president by producing a bona fide birth certificate.

Ballpointblog said...

I hear you loud and clear, David. The difficulty is that the Obama Birth Cetificate issue is one that will take a groundswell of opinion and interest to pull off even a cursory investigation. The American people are apathetic. The Congress is in Obama's pocket. The Courts are in his pocket. The MSM is in his pocket.

All we have are two fish and a few loaves...and God. Only prayer can save us from this man.