Thursday, August 19, 2010

President Obama, a Christian? I kinda doubt it.

From the "if it walks like duck..." files, the blogosophere and media don't often share headlines, but the latest Time Magazine poll asking Americans about President Obama's religious convictions showed that a very surprising (for them) number of Americans think Barack Obama is Muslim. Almost one in five. But only 34% think he is a Christian.

For conservatives, this is not a surprising result. For the MSM it was jarring, I'm sure. But what bothers me greatly is the "White House spokesmen" who tell us Obama is "obviously" a Christian. He prays every day.

What is that? An explanation? A response? Evidentiary apologetics? He'd have been better off saying the president reads his Bible daily or he's a part of a daily Bible study led by chaplain such-and-such. "He prays daily" no more puts you in the Christian camp than "he writes daily" makes you a playwright.

That said, I have TEN question I'd like to pose that, if I could get a persuasive answer, might shade me into the 34th percentile-"maybe he really is a Christian"-crowd.

But for now, I'm still deeply skeptical of his Christianity, OK? So, here goes:

1. President Obama, why haven't you found a church home yet? How long has it been now? (Paul admonishes us to "forsake not the assembling of ourselves as is the habit of some..." Heb. 10:25)

2. President Obama, why hasn't your family, or even just Michelle & the girls, been photographed attending worship services at a church? I mean, you have photo-ops for everything else - luncheons, dinners, parties, schools, cookouts, business groups, etc. But never a church. You were even recently photographed toasting at a Ramadan dinner, for goodness sakes. If you are a Christian, why are you keeping it at such a low profile? Let your light SHINE before men.

3. President Obama, how did you come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Did Romans 10:9-10 come into play in your conversion? No offense, but twenty years under Jeremiah Wright's pastorship and tutelage doesn't place you in the Christian camp. He is an affirmed Marxist and Trinity Church is UCC - social gospel at best. Can the blind lead the blind? A sister in the Lord asked me, "Is Obama even saved?". I could not answer her affirmatively.

4. Mr. President, do you have a chaplain who preaches the Word of God to you regularly? What is his name? Where is his church?

5. Mr. President, you have said publicly that the USA is not a Christian nation. If so, what are your personal views of the Judeo-Christian worldview that served as the nation's moral fabric at its founding and which helped to establish the founding documents of our government?

6. Mr. President, why aren't you a deist?

7. Mr. President, of the Five Pillars of Islam, which have you NOT done in your lifetime?

8. Mr. President, do you categorically reject Sura 19:88-93, that God does not has a Son?

9. Of what value might there be in granting Christianity a foremost place in the minds and hearts of the people to whom you serve as president of their government - especially in light of the fact that over 80% of all Americans profess Christianity?

10. President Obama, is it too difficult to see how ordinary Americans might sense that you very well may be a Muslim given your name, given your Muslim tribal inheritance from Africa, given your very close friendships with Muslim professors and activists in Chicago and at Harvard, given your unemotional clumsy shoutout to a nobody at a speech announcing the massacre of Army soldiers by a stealth Muslim assassin, given the White House's strident PR effort to separate "Islam" and "terror" - though the two have gone together like peanut butter and jelly the past twenty years, given the your Administration's intent to hold a trial for an avowed Islamic terrorist near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, given your terrible insensitivity and political intrusion into the Ground Zero controversy by siding with the Muslim developer over the building of a mosque there, given your heavy-handed diplomatic treatment of the head of the State of Israel, given your former pastor's disdain and contempt for the Jewish people (a similar posture of most Muslim states), given your seeming inability to find a Christian church among the thousands that are in the metro DC area, given the fact that as a man holding the most powerful office (right now) on Earth, you have no pastor, no spiritual headship, and irresponsibly do not appear to be leading your children to a relationship with Jesus Christ....?

Given all these things, President Obama, you folks at the WH ought not to be so dismissive of the intuitive and common sense of the American people who, while they might possibly be wrong about you some of the time, cannot be fooled - as Lincoln so aptly surmised - all of the time.


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