Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The laying on of hands pic...re-examined

This is a curious pic if for no other reason than its capture of President Obama actually submitting to the prayerful laying on of hands by Christian ministers. How quaint. I'd almost forgotten about this pic.

But is this pic solid evidence of his Christianity? I hardly think so.

My question is - which of these ministers of God is his pastor? Oh, what, you say? I'm sorry...he doesn't have a pastor? Why not? Because he doesn't attend church. Well, well. Has anyone thought that perhaps because he isn't submitted to a man of God, might this be a good reason why his country isn't submitted to his office? It could be.

One question bothers me though: without a church or a pastor, how does he take Holy Communion, I wonder? Does he even take Holy Communion? I really don't know. Does anybody know? Perhaps he's one of those Christians who presides at and toasts bon sante to Muslims at Ramadan celebrations, plays several rounds of golf on the Lord's Day, yet refrains from Communion. Yeah, perhaps he's one of those "Christians". If so, then they NEED to lay hands on him, I guess.

Quite the stranger in the White House.


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Isaiah said...

Where is this country's spiritual mind relative to Romans 13? Of all the past presidents that attended church, do you know the lifestyles they were living, even in the white house? From slaveowners, to drunks, and adulterers, yet this man you have so many issues with. The king's heart is in the hands of the Lord, and as He turneth the course of mighty rivers, he canturn the course of the kings heart. Why not spend a little more time praying and a little less at you present craft.