Thursday, August 12, 2010

FYI: Timothy McVeigh was NOT a Christian (and never was).

I'm just simply dumbfounded how a rumor got started that Timothy McVeigh was somehow a Christian. There isn't one biography written about him that claims he was, yet many continue to parrot a falsehood as if it were true. It's just NOT true on any level. He never professed Christ, never acted in Christ's name, never went to church as an adult, and never was affiliated with anything remotely Christian. Just because he's a white guy from the upstate NY or the Midwest who loved guns doesn't make him a Christian AT ALL.

Here's one write's take on the matter, which I share, for your edification.

Any cursory read of the many bios of McVeigh on the library shelves is that Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian because he was an avowed Agnostic who may even have even sympathized with Islam. There many accounts of his dealings with Islamic terrorists - though not one to link him with any so-called Christian Identity movement. Indeed, his letters to his friends suggest a Junius Brutus-like attachment to the idealism of the Declaration of Independence and its call for the overthrow of tyranny. Might I remind anyone the Declaration of Independence is not, nor has it ever been, a Christian document?

And truly, anyone, and I mean anyone, who uses the grande ode to human self-will, "Invictus", as a final written epitaph shortly before execution by lethal injection certainly isn't preparing his soul to meet Jesus Christ. Not by a mile. Even the thief on the cross was smart enough to repent and it strikes me that McVeigh was no dummy.

So again I ask, was Timothy McVeigh a Christian? Not on your life.

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