Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Israel turns 60

Israel. The land and the people of God. That says a lot. God said he loves her and will never forsake her. The people of God who only in the past 100 years were allowed to return to the land of their fathers constituted a government in 1948. And on May 8th (or 12th) celebrated its 60th year of existence as a nation. And they went though Hell - almost - to get there. And the story is not over yet. Keep a close eye on the headlines.

Yet there are those - friend and foe - who will deny to the end that A) the Jewish people of today are the descendants of the Jewish people of old and B) that the Jewish people have exclusive rights to the homeland of their fathers. The "friends" group are wrong because of their theology. The foes are wrong because they have imbibed the spirit of Antichrist. I wrote a paper on this topic years back which I will put on this blog soon. But for now I submitted this comment to a Jan Markell column that appeared on yesterday's Christian Worldview Network.

"The Israel of our day are the descendants of biblical Israel. Only the spiritually and historically ignorant cannot see it. Same persecutions, same hassles, same drama as before.

I am African-American. Chris Rock once told a joke that nowadays in America being "Black" is in. Everybody wants to be Black. Kinky hair, braids, collagen lips, and so forth are in. It's hard to tell the real from the wanna be's until they start hanging Blacks again. Then we'll know who the real Black folks are.

In that bit of dark humor was an analogy that applies also to Israel. The reality is that the people over in the land of Israel - claiming to be Jews - are getting the same harsh treatment from the world as they ever did throughout history. Same struggles, same hatreds.

Down through history they've been persecuted, pogromed, holocausted, jihaded, and diplomatically pressured to be somebody other than who they are. From Aelia Capitolina to Eretz Yisroel, Jerusalem has been the center of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish attention, too. You have to ask why this is.

I also think that all you Preterists, Partial Preterists, and Amillenialists are in the same boat as the Pre-Millenialist Evangelicals you condemn. Your theology (and eschatology) may very well be dead wrong.

Me? I just examine history and wonder who would WANT to be a Jew living in Israel except the real Jews. "
Wherever the real Jews are, persecution is sure to follow - until He comes again - to rescue them and us.

'Nuff for now. Baruch Hashem and Soli deo Gloria!

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