Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Religious Pluralism vs. Religious Exclusivity, Celtics vs. Lakers

You have to hand it to Dr. Sproul. He says simply what it takes others to say in a million words. Nobody writes more cogently, with erudition and good sense than R.C. Sproul, IMHO. That God has blessed him in his twilight years with the sharpness of mind to continue to provide reasons to believe is a blessing to the generations living in post-Christian America. His latest piece is from one of my favorite devotionals, Tabletalk magazine.

Enjoy and Baruch Hashem!

Well, it's a rematch of the Celtics and Lakers this Thursday evening for the NBA championship. Outta be a good series. And I gotta go with my traditional favorites, the Boston Celtics. Ah, the names just ring with history: Bill Russell, John Havlicek, Bob Cousy, Dave Cowens, Jo-Jo White, Paul Silas, Larry Bird, Sam Jones, K.C. Jones, Kevin McHale, and Danny Ainge. Now it's the turn of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to try and add a 17th world championship banner. Why do I like the Celtics when I'm not even from Boston? I dunno, my Dad liked them when I was a kid. So I guess it's a case of the son inheriting the father's passion. And why did my Dad like them when he was not from Boston? I think it had to do with Bill Russell - one of the league's first African-American superstars. My Dad's generation always liked a Black "first" - coming of age as he did, in the pre-Civil Rights era. Hence, you can imagine his support for Obama.

Me? Not so much. (lol)


Sista K said...

hey sorry it took me so long to respond... I think u make some valid points about Rev Wright. However, I believe he is right & great man of God...perhaps, your paper was also not well received because it didn't edify in the professor's opinion...not sure on that...It was an excellent read to me. Also, to get your blog exposed wider audiences, you might try using a RSS, that when folks google a certain topic you have written on & they are interested in...your blog will come up in the search engine... I am a blogger from waaaay back...and have a blog on this site as well. love ya & God bless!

Sista K said...

oops posted this in the wrong blog...sorry