Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The roots of Feminism....Marxism, what else?

I love reading insightful articles written with a Judeo-Christian worldview in mind from folks who may have done a wee bit more study than the average radio pundit. So today I offer up an article/paper written by Jennifer Roback Morse. This paper is entitled, "Bringing Home and Frying up the Bacon". It was presented at Harvard University (!) at the Legacy and Future of Feminism Conference. What a read! It successfully argues that the roots of Feminism are in Marxism (as if we didn't already know this). But most people I talk to naively believe that Marxism died when the Soviet Union fell. Nay, but alas, Marxism now lives and thrives on our nation's campuses and seminaries. My own doctoral thesis offered the viewpoint that even the race struggle in this country - recently revived in the Rev. Wright affair - is rooted in Marxist thought.

It is time for Christians to reawaken and meet the enemy at the gates. And though our weapons are spiritual - because the battle is spiritual - we must expose the devil and his schemes in the natural so that when complex social issues appear before us we may hear the Master's voice and discern truth from error. Happy reading.

Baruch Hashem! Soli Deo Gloria!

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