Friday, June 13, 2008

What can Christians expect?

What can Christians expect with an Obama presidency? I don't really know. But I have some speculations. I'll share them in a later post. It might surprise you.

What can conservatives expect from an Obama presidency? Well, you don't need a crystal ball for that kind of prognostication. He is, indeed, a bonafide liberal on so many social issues. That much is sure. Pro-gay marriage, pro-choice (which nowadays is pro-abortion), anti-homeschool, anti-gun, anti-traditional nuclear family. And as I was telling a friend, it's not Obama I fear so much as it is his friends and appointees. The, La Raza, Code Pink crowd would definitely have access to power and cultural control. Perhaps we might expect the appointment of more ultra-liberal judges, zero action on the borders (where's the fence already?), a complete and immediate withdrawal on Iraq, an abandonment of Israel, a naivete on radical Islamic ideology, a "no" to building oil refineries or a "no" new drilling for oil in American controlled territories because of the environmental threat to a species of birds - all this adds up to disastrous four years.

But what about Obama the person? The symbol? I really feel that it could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. Good, in that there will be one less argument used by the cultural left and the Black essentialists that America is a fundamentally racist nation. (Hey that fundamentally racist nation just elected a Black man to its highest office. Take that!) Or, it could be bad in that the Pandora's box of everything the liberals want for America will be opened because Obama is the candidate of the ultra left - a Jimmy Carter with dark skin. Appeasement to our enemies, higher taxes, soft immigration policy, American interests sacrificed to globalism and world peace, etc., etc. - coming soon in January 2009.

Stay tuned for my assessment of American Christianity under Obama.

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